Oh, those wascally wabbits

Redheaded, moustachioed, former Oxford copper James Malcolm sent me word on some Loonatics. No, he didn’t divulge any juicy tidbits of information on any nut-job he ran into during is quarter century of law enforcement in Oxford. Jimmy’s red-faced over a Michigan J. Frog network announcement. WB, last week, presented their newest attempt at making […]

Droopy drawers and all

I’ll be the first to admit, in print for all the world to read, I think pants that hang down half-mast look sloppy. I’ll say the look looks bad. I admit when I see younger-than-I folks with their pants down, showing their undies and/or butt cheeks and/or specially placed tattoos, I cringe and think, ‘What, […]

Man charged with threatening brother at gunpoint

An Independence Township man last week allegedly threatened to kill his family, police, his enemies and even himself. During a family dispute, the suspect held two loaded weapons to back up his threats, according to Oakland County Sheriff reports, but was arrested before he harmed anyone. Kenneth Langley Abbott II, 26, was arraigned on Feb. […]

Conspiracy Theory #197

Last week a conspiracy of such diabolical magnitude was unleashed upon the world, I hesitate to delve into it. What will happen to me? Will my family’s safety be in harm’s way should I continue down the muckrakers path? What is my theory, that which has me a-shake? You may have heard about February 2’s […]

Stop stressing us out, dude.

Maybe I’m just a little thick-headed, but I just have this gut (hey, that’s thick, too!) feeling: Over zealous terrorists, hell-bent for bringing the Great Satan to its knees, ain’t gonna? do it by staging attacks on our little hamlet here in Nowheresville, USA. Call me kooky, but I don’t see it happening. Maybe I’m […]

Some things are just plain wrong

Something must be terribly wrong with me. My thermostat must be out of whack; my sense of reality askew. Like many folks this past weekend, I spent quite a lot of time out of doors, shoveling some of the foot of snow we received. I shoveled the driveway not once, not twice, but three times. […]

Go to the mountain

About once a year I go back to the farthest, darkest, creepiest place of the office, pull out and dust off my soapbox. I hop atop . . . and preach. Hark! Here I go again. Just what is a community newspaper? A community newspaper isn’t a regional, county, state or national newspaper. A community […]

Polish monster slayers and more!

Keeping the monster away Reader Barb VonKniper responded to the plight of little four-year-old Sean Rush — his nighttime sleeping dilemma. Monsters were keeping the lad up. The lad was keeping his parents up. (So, really it was Sean’s parents? plight/dilemma.) I wrote about Monster spraying the home with Sean to keep the darkness at […]

Don’t look now, but somebody could be watching you

Well, this here is a new year, folks. And 2005, like every year before needs a good conspiracy. Personally, I really don’t give a rat’s behind about whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald acted by himself or with the mob or the CIA or the Russkies when he killed President Kennedy in 1963. Or, for […]

As we enter a new year a look to the past

My wife Jennie is always vigilant for possible column fodder for her very own husband. What follows she sent to me on April 6, 2004 at 9:24 a.m. If it is all true it would be very interesting reading. If it isn’t true, it is still interesting. So, as we say ciao to the year […]