Smith’s Disposal and Recycling company goes green

Smith’s Disposal and Recycling has gone through a few changes in the last year, but one aspect has never changed ? their commitment to their customers. In July, Smith’s Disposal and Recycling implemented their new recycling program, in which they can recycle paper, plastic, tin and glass. ‘Very happy customers,? said owner Carol Evans about […]

Lewandowski leads Little Caesars to win

A flurry of red and white jerseys converged on the opposing goal as the boys of Little Caesars ?98 piled on top of teammate Mitch Lewandowski. Lewandowski had already scored two points during the semifinals against Toronto Pro Hockey, and just scored the winning goal. ‘It was pretty exciting because they were down, 5-3, with […]

Athlete of the Week

Michigan Stars members walked into the Assembly Hall at Indiana University carrying their team banner and the Michigan state flag at the opening ceremony at the USA Amateur Softball Association Girls? Class A 10-under Fastpitch National. The Clarkston girls were the only team representing Michigan at the nationals in Bloomington, Indiana. ‘They represented the state […]

Tons of fun roll into Clintonwood

Over 600 adults and children attended the 7th Annual Tons of Truck event presented by Independence Township Parks and Recreation. Children sat in the driver’s seat of a life-size version of their favorite “Hot Wheels” vehicles. Yesteryear’s Tractor Club provided hayrides for only 50 cents. Each child went home with a miniature garbage truck from […]

3…2…1…Lift off!

Braden Langeloh watched the rocket get fired into the air and began counting the seconds until it came back down. ‘Ten seconds,? he estimated. The rocket came back down to the ground 18 seconds after lift-off, Langeloh was only eight seconds off. He joined 16 other campers from grades first through fifth at last week’s […]

Creator’s Image wins championship

For Teresa Mershman, sponsor of the Creator’s Image Photography youth baseball team, one moment in the season stands out for her. ‘There was a time when an opposing team’s player was injured and was unable to return to the game in the final inning,? Mershman said. ‘After their loss to the Creator’s Image Team, the […]

Athlete of the Week

The Clarkston Cubs ended their season with a treat from the Detroit Tigers and an improved record from last year. The team was selected as the ‘Aquafina Detroit Tigers Team of the Day? on May 23. The players and their families arrived at Comerica Park and watched the Tigers get ready for their game against […]

Soccer hopefuls season skills in the summer sun

On the soccer field Breanne Timm and Katie Viazanko are used to defending the goal, but last Thursday they had to defend themselves from their campers. The fourth and fifth graders wanted to thank their coaches for a great week of soccer, but a hug wouldn’t do it. Instead, the girls chased their coaches with […]

Shock kept energy high through entire season

The girls from the 13U Shock team fired up the courts with a successful, 28-4 AAU travel basketball season. ‘We had a really great season with quite a bit of success,? said head coach Stu Hastings. Hastings has been getting the girls ready to play basketball on the high school level. As a coach and […]

Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon

The fall season is fast approaching. But then, you probably already know if you have been out getting groceries or shopping for clothes. School supplies are out and have been since the Fourth of July. Does anyone else see something wrong with that? Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of new pens, highlighters, […]