Being thankful is our way

The harvest is in and the holidays are upon us. Americans, despite the world at large, can find reasons for thanks. It’s our way, that despite the troubles and turmoils, we look heavenward and give thanks.
After all, things could be worse. I guess it is our way as Americans to count our blessings and move on to make a better tomorrow. Why wallow in despair for what might have been? My mother used to say, the world isn’t going to end and the sun will come up tomorrow — get up and make the most of it. The Pilgrims of fame could have packed it in and all jumped back off Plymouth Rock into the Atlantic. But they didn’t.
So . . .
What are you thankful for?
Me, I’m thankful for . . .
n I am thankful for the patience, love and understanding of my wife Jen. She might not know it, but I got the better end of the deal. All she got was me.
n I am thankful for opportunity to raise two fine boys, namely Shamus McDonald Rush and Sean Theodore Rush.
n I am thankful for Shamus? and Sean’s love and I pray I can live up to their expectations and guide them into manhood.
n I am thankful for being able to carve arrowheads out of soap for an elementary school project.
n I am thankful stray dogs can find warmth and love and be a part of the pack in our home.
n I am thankful for having good neighbors.
n I am thankful for the mourning doves that nest in our porch and for their morning coos.
n I am thankful for the trust Jen’s mother has put in me (not only has she trusted me with her firstborn, but now that I have a turkey fryer, she is trusting me not to ruin Thanksgiving’s main course).
n I am thankful for John Wayne movies and the mythical men he portrayed. Even if the real man did not live up to snuff, the ideals of love, loyalty, honesty and patriotism are still worthy.
n I am thankful that my dad hasn’t been around for the last three National League Football seasons and that he has been spared the agony of watching the Detroit Lions lose 22 straight road games. Of course, I wish he were here to watch the University of Michigan upset Ohio State last weekend (among other things).
n I am thankful for the opportunities to turn negatives into positives; to right wrongs; and to fix those problems which come my way.
n I am thankful for the internet — without it I wouldn’t have instant information on fixing many of the problems that come my way (namely leaking, broken, old and in need of repair home-stuff).
n I am thankful for the Jim Sherman family for allowing me to provide for my family that which they need — shelter, food, clothing and most of all a father that can spend time with his own family.
n I am thankful for the opportunity to write, to entertain and evoke emotion of people I have never met nor spoken to.
n I am thankful that even when I am cranky, a jerk or a bore, my friends and family still like me.
n I am thankful there are still brave souls who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the ideals enumerated by our founding fathers.
n I am thankful some comic book author wrote: Truth, justice and the American way.
n I am thankful that despite the Patriot Act, most Americans can still take verbal shots at the sitting president and government and not be ‘silenced.?
n I am thankful there are service groups in the community full of volunteers.
n I am thankful those volunteers are working to make our communities a better place to live.
n I am thankful thousands of locals give to local charities so that the less fortunate can get a break.
So, again . . . what are you thankful for?
* * *
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