Big hits at softball camp

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Young athletes threw, hit and ran around the diamond doing different obstacles on the last day of Clarkston Softball Camp last Thursday at Clarkston High School.
“There was a great turnout,” said Katie Smith, head coach for the varsity softball team, adding all the campers were excited to be there which made the week nicer.
Players, ages 7 through 14-years-old, learned and practiced fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, base-running, fielding, batting while increasing their knowledge about rules and positions.

Zoe Mahan aims the softball to knock a cone off a bucket. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

“A lot of it is not just skill based but the knowledge of the game,” Smith said. “We try to teach a lot of things including individual positions, the game as a whole. We try to incorporate being around other people, too. Softball is an individual sport but it’s a team sport so we try to incorporate cheering each other on and having teams they are working with throughout the whole time. Overall, just have a good comradery and just have fun. We want people to love the game – that’s what we try focus on especially the girls they have a lot of fun.”
Throughout the four-days campers learned from the JV and varsity players from the Clarkston Softball program.
“I want to applaud the JV and varsity players of our school. They did a phenomenal job,” Smith said. “They were very patient and did a nice job coaching all the players. I think all the campers appreciated them being here as well.”
The camp began on Monday and finished on Thursday due to the rain on Wednesday – giving players a taste of what a spring season is like for the teams.
“The weather was very hot and then we had to battle the rain. I just appreciate the parents and the community being so accepting and bringing them back on our last day,” Smith said. “Overall I am just happy with the week and excited to see a lot of interest in Clarkston Softball. I hope we continue to have more people be involved because that’s where it all starts.”
Clarkston Softball Camp was held through Clarkston Community Education and Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors. For more camps and events offered, please visit

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