Bridge lights fixed

Clarkston replaced the four light-pole mounts on the Depot Park bridge next to the gazebo, using new steel brackets welded to the bridge.
The lights were previously mounted on the Mill Race embankment and were leaning, said City Manager Jonathan Smith in his email report to businesses.
“Following the methodology used on the Bart Clark bridge, new steel brackets were welded to the bridge and then the light poles were installed on the brackets and rewired,” Smith said. “I’m happy to report that the lights are all working now and standing tall.”


The City needs a welder to replace a failing split rail fence at the Mill Race opening in Depot Park with new metal hand railing.
“We have one quotation, but City Ordinances require that we obtain three quotations,” said City Manager Jonathan Smith. “We’re similarly seeking quotations for a hand railing along the stairway leading from the Depot Road parking lot to Main Street.”
For more information, call the city manager at 248-625-1559.