Buffalo parking at issue

Now under consideration: making Buffalo Street off Waldon Road a no-parking zone.
“In light of what (city engineer) Gary Tressel said about AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) compliance, I’d like to propose removing parking from just South Buffalo coming off Waldon, between Waldon and Church,” said Council member Rick Detkowski at the Jan. 22 meeting. “Our backs are against the wall with AASHTO compliance.”
The AASHTO standards call for a 22-foot road width. Parked cars make the road too narrow, Detkowski said.
Council member Scott Reynolds agreed, saying drivers coming from opposite directions sometimes play a “game of chicken” when moving through there.
“Two vehicles really cannot come through there safely at all,” Reynolds said.
Council member Sharron Catallo said some Buffalo residents use the street for parking.
“I drive it all the time – I never have a problem,” Catallo said. “I don’t see why this is all of a sudden a problem. There has always been parking there.”
Parked cars also slow traffic, she said.
Council member Jason Kneisc warned of unintended consequences, if the area is made no-parking.
“I think we want people slower there,” Kneisc said.
Council member Susan Wylie asked if it could be made one way.
During public comment, resident Cara Catallo said she was concerned because the issue was added to the agenda at the meeting.
“Residents of the neighborhood didn’t see it on the agenda,” Cara said. “It seems the neighborhood should have the opportunity to know about it and possibly appear (at the meeting).”
Detkowski said the committee will gather more information about this and other parking issues for presentation at a future City Council meeting.
– Phil Custodio