BY FRANK J. GRANETT R.PH.: Lose weight for summer

Many of us have tried the latest weight loss fads over the years to help remove those excess pounds.
Buying special food packages, restricting calories and even taking a magical pill. There is no magic pill when a person makes the decision to embark on a pathway toward weight management as well as optimization of Health and Wellness.
However, there are three essential nutrients which help the body in conjunction with exercise as well as a healthy diet significantly reduce unwanted body fat. Guarcinia, chlorogenic acid and the seven strain probiotic, when used together, may help the body reach weight management goals.
Guarcinia is a tamarind Indonesian fruit containing hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is an essential fat blocking nutritional compound.
The body uses enzymes, converting unused glucose to fat. HCA in guarcinia blocks the enzymes preventing formation of fat. As the body breaks down fat cells through increased metabolism, HCA may also increase serotonin in the brain which increases energy and reduces appetite.
Many manufacturers market oral tablet and capsule formulations, however a transdermal patch provides the most bioavailable form of guarcinia.
Chlorogenic acids originate in highest concentrations from the green bean coffee extract as well as lower concentrations in regular roasted coffee.
Their daily consumption helps the liver optimize bile secretion and increase the metabolism of fatty acids. Furthermore, chlorogenic acids in nutritional supplement form rather than coffee is a healthier option.
In a study by Harvard University, over 80,000 women were assessed on the effects of chlorogenic acid and the reduction of gallstone formation which affects women twice that of men.
Researchers concluded that incidence of gallbladder surgery decreased in women consuming chlorogenic acid compared to the non-supplemented women.
The seven strain nutritional probiotic formulation including: B lactis, L acidophilus, L casei, L helviticus, L salvarius, L plantarum and L rhamnosus provides the stomach with the ability to fight excessive growth of yeast.
If the body does not minimize the growth of yeast, then the absorption of nutrients from the diet may become significantly diminished and negatively affect energy level as well as mental clarity.
Other considerations for optimizing weight management include: 3 to 4 times a week cardio exercise; 40 ounces purified water; Increase yeast free, gluten free and GMO free diet; Increase consumption of organic broccoli and radishes as these vegetables contain isothionates which help eliminate yeast growth in the G.I. tract; and One teaspoon daily of raw apple cider vinegar.
Contact and message Frank via Facebook at Frank Granett to learn where you can find all three essential nutritionals and help your body optimize weight management before summer. Frank is the Director of Pharmacy Operations at the Behavioral Center of Michigan, adult psychiatric hospital. Founder of the 501 c3 non-profit Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth (CAOOY) website and author of The American Epidemic: Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth Email:

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