Calls for financial fitness for electeds

Dear Editor,
The Village of Clarkston faces very significant financial challenges.
The recent report to City Council details the condition of our roads and the expenses required to maintain them. Past city councils have ignored infrastructure maintenance. We will need to spend double the cost currently budgeted to keep the roads from further deteriorating. And funds were taken from the fund balance (rainy day) for the current budget.
The Master Plan update indicates the village is built-out with little opportunity for increased real estates taxes without very significant zoning changes.
The Master Plan update describes the potential sources of revenue as increased millage, special assessments or bonds requiring payment by citizens.
The efforts of Mayor Percival have provided the only increased source of city revenue via the parking kiosk. These funds are earmarked for infrastructure repair.
A test for fitness for office is being able to explain the CIarkston Independence library millage and its neutral effect on tax payers. Neither Eric Haven nor Sharron Catallo is able to pass this test based on interactions in Finance Committee meetings in 2017 and 2018.
Clarkston requires capable city officials with financial understanding and commitment to transparency. Eric Haven and Sharron Catallo have demonstrated neither.
Chet Pardee