Candidate would support health care

Dear Editor:
Integrity and honesty in government are important. Nicole Breadon is running for state representative in District 43 because she supports funding for public schools, infrastructure and roads, and protecting working families.
As a representative, she would also support developing a single payer health care system, working across the aisle to develop what is best for Michigander’s health care.
Governor Synder’s proposal to allow Michiganders to buy into Healthy Michigan is an example of a bipartisan approach. Nicole would be responsive to the needs of her constituents, such as the 51% of Americans who support a single payer health insurance system.
This popular proposal would preserve private insurance for those who have access to it, while enabling workers to purchase coverage even if their employers do not provide private health insurance.
This proposal would preserve Medicare and Medicaid for our seniors and people with disabilities. The U.S. is the only highly developed county that doesn’t have universal healthcare. Single payer health insurance systems deserve serious consideration because they would expand quality health insurance coverage and strengthen our healthcare system.
In this age of “Fake News,” voters value integrity in our political system, and Nicole is running a positive campaign. Claims that affordable health care is too “radical” don’t represent the needs of Clarkston and Waterford voters.
My son can work and pay taxes thanks to the Affordable Care Act, and I appreciate Nicole Breadon’s efforts to enable all Americans to purchase essential affordable quality health insurance.
Emily Duthinh
Independence Township

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