Candle Factory closing at end of year

Candle Factory closing at end of year

The candle-making machine at the Davisburg Candle Factory. Photo by Jessica Steeley

Clarkston News Staff Writer

A charming brick building located in the center of downtown Davisburg has spent the better part of the year up for sale. The Davisburg Candle Factory has been around since the 1970s and offers a unique shopping location for specialty candles, from holiday decorations to animal designs to your favorite Michigan sports team.
The shop’s last day before closing is Dec 31, 2017. Phoebe Bojanzyk, who owns the shop with her two daughters, Melissa and Laurel, said there has been interested buyers, but nothing concrete yet.
“It’s for sale and we’re hoping someone will buy it and keep it as a candle factory because we hate to be the ones to end it,” Bojanzyk said.
All the candles are made in-shop using original equipment from when the factory first opened. When entering the shop, the complex system can be seen behind the counter, with candle merchandise upstairs.
Bojanzyk also decorates the candles in the shop. She said they’ve made just about every design.
“We’ve had some weird requests over the years and we’ve done it,” she added.
Bojanzyk describes her daughter, Laurel, as a “candle nut.”
“She came here and shopped and when she found out it was for sale, she just was relentless,” Bojanzyk said of when they first purchased the store.
The family has owned the candle factory going on 18 years and Bojanzyk said they’re ready to move on from the business. “We’re all just tired of it,” she explained. “The weekends especially. We’ve lost a lot of family time over the years because of having to be here, so we’ve just had enough.”
The Davisburg Candle Factory is located at 634 Broadway and is open through the end of the year.
“We’re just hoping someone will buy it and keep it open, but we have no control over that,” Bojanzyk said. “We hope for the best.”

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