Catallo back on City Council

Sharron Catallo is back on City Council after a split vote to appoint her, April 22.
City Council voted 4-2 to appoint Catallo, former mayor and City Council member, to fill the term of Rick Detkowski, who resigned last month.
City resident Julie Lamphier was also nominated for the partial term, which is until the November election.
Voting “yes” to appoint Catallo were Mayor Eric Haven and council members Al Avery, Jason Kneisc, and David Marsh. Council members Scott Reynolds and Sue Wylie voted “no.” A majority of the city council was needed, which meant four votes. Lamphier did not receive a separate vote.
The two nominees, who were both at the meeting, were asked if they’d like to address the council.
“I’ll just say Eric asked me to consider this and I said yes,” said Lamphier, who was nominated by Wylie at the meeting.
“Julie is an ideal candidate for the future and so I’m so thankful you considered it,” Haven said.
Catallo, who was nominated by Marsh, said she accepted the nomination because of her familiarity with the city and its government.
“I felt I would come back to at least finish out until the next election because I know something about it,” Catallo said. “It’s a hard thing to learn when so many things are coming at you so fast, with the building going on, parking information, and so on. To me, that was why I said I would do it.”
– Phil Custodio

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  1. Cory Johston   May 2, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    Let me see if I understand this. The Mayor invites someone to fill in the open council seat, then votes for the other person and there is never a vote for the second person because of what, alphabetical order? Classy and so democratic.


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