A call for DTE work

Dear Editor, Early Monday morning as this is written (Oct. 7), again I awake to darkness this week. It seems a tree has fallen in a DTE right of way serving my neighborhood. My neighbors and I have for decades asked, cajoled, and yes, begged DTE to clear the trees in their easement. So, dear […]

Vote ‘no’ on #1

Dear Editor, On Nov. 5, Clarkston voters will be asked to vote on the adoption of four charter amendments. I’m writing to ask you to vote “no” on Clarkston Amendment #1, “resign to run.” The proposal states, “Charter Amendment 1, Restrictions Concerning Officers, Section 4.18, Paragraph 4; This section currently requires incumbent Council persons seeking […]

Looking for city info about upcoming election

There is an election on Nov. 5 in the City of the Village of Clarkston. As of Friday, Oct. 11, there was no public or otherwise obvious notice on the city website about an election or what we will be voting for. In fact, there are NO public notices at all. The election and sample […]

Your right to know needs notices

The Leaders of the Republican Caucus in the Michigan House of Representatives want to pull public notices from newspapers and allow governmental entities (cities, villages, township, counties, etc.) to satisfy notice requirements by putting them on their websites. This is an unprecedented blow to governmental transparency and due process. A version of this legislation has […]

Thank you, Clarkston, for support

Dear Editor, Last Thursday, Neiman’s Family Market hosted its second Ribfest of the year — and it was a wonderful success! We grilled up slabs of ribs and sold ’em hot and ready AND with each rib sale we promised to donate $5 to Clarkston Community Schools. Thank you, Clarkston! Because of you we sold […]

Questions about county exec search

Dear Editor, Mr. Rob Namowicz was spot on with the Democrat bipartisanship in his letter to the editor (“County exec search,” Aug. 21). As a private citizen, I added my name to the list as an opportunity to see how government works in Oakland County. Mr. Namowicz had great insight on the process, but adding, […]

New look for Waterfall Jewelers

An Open Letter to the Community from the Brown, Strong, and Ettinger families, Over the past 40 years, you’ve shared many of your life’s special memories with us. We’ve laughed together and, at times, cried together. You’ve allowed us to share in those special milestones, marriages, new babies, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, job promotions, and retirements. […]

Finding help for those suffering from dementia

Dear Editor, Technically, it is not an epidemic, but our community is experiencing a significant annual increase in people with dementia. Are we prepared, or even preparing, for it? About 1,000, or about one in six, of our neighbors age 65 or older – even more if we include people under 65 – have some […]

Climate change work of politicians?

Dear Editor, Politicians and others who claim they have plans to stop climate change are not considering the changes Mother Nature has made for billions of years. Historical climate change consists of alternating cooling and warming periods for various durations. In the past 2.4 billion years, Earth has had five major ice ages including periods […]

No compromise on firefighters’ pay

Dear Editor, Tom Stone is 100 percent right (“Reader calls for paramedics millage paid for,” Sept. 11). And now township management is arguing a binding arbitration ruling favoring the firefighters, instead of pushing for a new fire millage. There is a critical shortage of paramedics. We should be doing everything we can to attract and […]

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