Community coat drive participation appreciated

Dear Editor, I wanted to thank you so much for your help placing Hidden Lakes Apartments’ coat drive in the paper (“Coat, blanket drive,” Jan. 16). With an outpouring amount of help from Dart Properties’ employees, and Hidden Lakes and Clarkston residents, we collected 108 coats, 41 blankets, 12 pairs of boots, 70 hats, 49 […]

Reader supports President Trump and his work

Dear Editor, Where are all of the conservative, Christian, Trump supporters? I ask this because I have read so many letters to the editor that are anti-Trump. So I called the newspaper and asked why this was. I was told they print what they get and apparently there are no Trump supporters writing in. I […]

Reader relates admonition against judgmentalism

Dear Editor, Congratulations to Mr. Mike Fetzer whose letter appeared in these pages last week (“A call for openness in religious community,” Feb. 6). His spiritual revival may bring him closer to his Creator in whose image we are shaped and aspire. May his generosity extend to the President whom he condemns with false calumnies. […]

Reader support for MDEQ executive order

Dear Editor, The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality promotes wise management of Michigan’s land, air and water resources to support a sustainable environment, healthy communities and a vibrant economy. This is a mission statement we can all believe in. To strengthen the MDEQ, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order transforming the MDEQ into the […]

A call for openness in religious community

Dear Editor, The Rev. Jonathan Heierman, senior pastor for Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church, presented compelling thoughts in his “Seek new beginning With God’s help,” (Spiritual Matters, Jan. 16). I, too, often wonder why so many people have abandoned church attendance. Even the busiest and most successful people can find ways to fit more into their […]

News website keeps reader up to date

Dear Editor, Regarding “Community journalism isn’t free,” Jan. 23, I grew up in Clarkston and lived on Eastlawn from 1960 to 1988. My mom sent me The Clarkston News while I was in the Navy (77-81). The Clarkston News made my separation from family and friends much easier. As I have grown older I no […]

Thanks to Meals volunteers

Dear Editor, The gift of nourishment is so important to our local Clarkston seniors through the Meals on Wheels Program. For those in need, a nutritionally-balanced hot meal is delivered at lunchtime that provides a crucial wellness check for otherwise home-bound individuals. Adults 60 years or older, who are unable to shop or prepare their […]

Reader takes umbrage at headline

Dear Editor, I am writing to let you know my disappoint and surprise that your frontpage article would have such a bad-mannered title. “Preservation Clarkston: We don’t want to be Troy” (Jan. 9)! I love Clarkston, grew up in Clarkston, my family is still there, but I currently reside in Troy. The two towns are […]

Reader hopes for a better year in 2019

Dear Editor, Will responsible government finally return to America in 2019, after two years of irresponsible governance through tweeted edicts and blustering blabber, with a lack of ethical, transparent, strategic planning? Billions have been thrown to defense spending, and tax cuts were passed out to the wealthy with abandon, but all middle class America has […]

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