Rotary appreciates community support

Dear Editor, The Clarkston Rotary Club would like to sincerely thank all of those who so generously donated during the recent newspaper sales on local streets and holiday activities. The spirit of the donors was encouragement for those volunteers collecting, not only for their contributions but also for the appreciation of their efforts. Over one […]

A prayer to take down West Bank wall

Dear Editor, Please pray for the Little Town of Bethlehem. As you read this, it is surrounded by the Occupation Wall, eight meters high, 24 feet. The only way in or out is through checkpoint gates manned by armed Israel Defense Force personnel. For those with American passports, that’s relatively easy. For Palestinian Christians, much […]

Reader rues too many road taxes

Dear Editor, One of the many road tax increases the state is now extracting from our wallets to “fix the roads” recently cost over $400 for us to register just two vehicles for one year! And if your license plate is 10 years or older? Sorry, the law says you must pay an additional $5 […]

A call for the truth

Dear Editor, Imagine my surprise to open the Clarkston News op-ed page to find so many column inches dedicated to the degradation of our president (“Fight for free speech,” Nov. 21)! Virulent vindictive vituperation in a poison pen polemic of purple prose was complete with mistakes and misnomers commonly coming from strident partisans filled with […]

Letters to the Editor

Bridge needs work Dear Editor, Well, the road millage passed. Those of us who live on the fringes of Independence Township can hope for a small piece of it. The bridge on Sashabaw between Lake Oakland and Woodhull could use some attention. We would also like a safety path across it that connects to the […]

Letters to the Editor

Time to unite Dear Editor, The contest between Elissa Slotkin and incumbent Mike Bishop for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District seat produced results that were the opposite of what was forecast when the campaign began. A well-known political name in a district considered very safe was challenged by a self-proclaimed non-politician with a non-conventional campaign built […]

Letters to the Editor

Treat others right Dear Editor, As we wake this Sunday morning (Oct. 28) to another senseless mass killing of 11 fellow Americans in Pittsburgh, I am left thinking when as a country do we say enough? When as a country do we stop accepting this as a new norm? When do we stop pointing fingers […]

Open meetings considerations

Dear Editor, I’ve written to you about Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act issues. Today, I write about what Eric Haven, Sharron Catallo, David Marsh, and Al Avery did with regard to the November election. If you don’t pay much attention to election matters, you may only recall that the deadline for candidates […]

Letters to the Editor

Put voters in charge Dear Editor, The United States has always been unique in the world in its desire to create a government of, by, and for the people. In recent years, however, our progress towards that goal seems to have faltered. With the advent of gerrymandering – the practice of redrawing districts to rig […]

Vote for transparency

Dear Editor, I want to talk more about why I believe that Eric Haven, David Marsh, Al Avery, and Sharron Catallo are the anti-transparency candidates. Today, I write about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). I am a municipal attorney. I’ve worked for large municipalities for the last 17 years and with the Michigan FOIA almost […]

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