City voters call for scrutiny of candidates

Dear Editor, At the Sept. 11 City Council meeting, City Attorney Tom Ryan indicated the following with regard to the matter of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit between the City of the Village of Clarkston and Susan Bisio now in the Michigan Court of Appeals (“No info for you,” Sept. 20): In fact, […]

City sued over lawyer’s actions, readers say

Dear Editor, The City of the Village of Clarkston has been the defendant in a Freedom of information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for the past 18 months. At the Sept. 11 City Council meeting, at the request of City Council person Sue Wylie, City Attorney Tom Ryan updated the council on the status of the case. […]

Letters to the Editor

Help wanted for school business programs Dear Editor, When tested on general financial knowledge, nearly 50 percent of high school seniors fail. We’re working to change that. H&R Block is committed to helping teens learn how to manage finances – so the kids of today become the financially responsible adults of tomorrow. We have a […]

Letters to the Editor

Reader kudos for city leadership on parking Dear Editor, In my opinion, the dereliction of prior councils has directly resulted in the parking problem downtown. I applaud the leadership of those current Clarkston City Council members who made the difficult, but correct decision to finally move forward with paid parking as at least part of […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for community support for Rush for Food Dear Editor, We would like to thank the Clarkston community for their support in the 20th Annual Rush for Food on Saturday, Aug. 19. Every year at this time, our Clarkston football players enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community that faithfully supports them. The […]

Reader talks FOIA, restaurant issues

Dear Editor, Busy restaurants, lots of people, walking, biking, all enjoying the Village of Clarkston. In my 37 years of living in the Village, I can’t recall a time when it was more alive and vibrant than it is now. What appears to be a very successful downtown does have some problems however. Parking is […]

Reader sees economics, not race, dividing U.S.

Dear Editor, The racial violence at Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend was tragic, and it was sad many political leaders would not denounce it as such, but Americans make an equally tragic mistake in believing condemnations of white supremacists by the nation’s top political leadership will, alone, make the underlying problem go away. Indeed, focusing too […]

Letters to the Editor

CNews help with enhancing business appreciated Dear Editor, Thank you for helping us carryout our mission of promoting and enhancing businesses in the Clarkston area for our members. From printing our press releases to sharing photos from our events, you have given us a great opportunity to share content with the public about our organization […]

Letters to the editor

Rough comments reflect president, reader says Dear Editor, In his recent letter to the editor (“Reader calls out presidentially insulting comments,” July 19), reader Richard Meyer recommends The Clarkston News refrain in future from reiterating/reporting comments like “disgusting pig,” posed by “the intellectually bereft” when referring to the American president. It is difficult to argue […]

Letters to the Editor

Community conversation about Depot Park Dear Editor, Friends of Depot Park (FDP) invite the community once again for a conversation about Depot Park. Last November several gathered for the first time at the Clarkston Independence District Library (CIDL) to share their thoughts and hopes for the park. Since that time, the FDP, a committee of […]

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