Letter to the Editor: Reader wants city to ‘change their ways’

Dear Editor, The Clarkston City Manager and Council Members need to change their ways to not risk the professional integrity of the new City Treasurer and the city finances. Council has not been formally discussing and approving expenditures and amending the city’s budget prior to making expenditures, as required by the Clarkston City Charter, City […]

Letter to the Editor: Paying for dirt roads

Dear Editor, (In response to last week’s story “$50,000 for gravel roads,” Trustee David) Lohmeier seems to be the only board member who’s looking out for ALL taxpayers on this issue, rather then the few who live on these roads who will benefit from money taken from township residents under the guise it would be […]

Letters to the Editor

Message for reader in FOIA responses Dear Editor, If the city manager has to “issue a 10 day FOIA extension” so she can “calculate the charge” for a simple FOIA request, then you would think the Clarkston City Council would be questioning her ability to do the job for which she was hired to do, […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Seek conscious awareness of God

My grandmother was a long time Truth Student. During the Great War, 1914 -1918, she worked in The War Department in Washington D.C. This was also the time of the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918 – 1919 which killed over 20 million people worldwide. At one point my grandmother was very ill with the flu. […]

WORDS FROM THE SUP’T: Grads display many achievements

The end of the school year brings countless opportunities for our community to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our young people. It is also a chance for us collectively to pause and share gratitude for all of those in our community who contribute to these accomplishments. This year’s senior class represents an awe inspiring display […]

BY FRANK J. GRANETT R.PH.: Lose weight for summer

Many of us have tried the latest weight loss fads over the years to help remove those excess pounds. Buying special food packages, restricting calories and even taking a magical pill. There is no magic pill when a person makes the decision to embark on a pathway toward weight management as well as optimization of […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Will you demonstrate wisdom of God?

I would like to talk about discernment versus discrimination. In many ways, these two words are the same. They both refer to the ability to recognize differences. Discrimination has most recently been used to refer to how we respond to those differences. This word is specifically used when we talk about how we treat, or […]

Letter to the Editor

Thanks for help with Refuge Run Dear Editor, Thank you to Assistant Publisher Don Rush for the very generous donation of two quarter-page ads for our 11th Annual April Refuge Run. Due to your generosity and the 125 participants who raced and walked, we raised over $3,000 for our Youth Ministry Missions. Our church, Clarkston […]

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for patronage during sale Dear Editor, The Friends of the Clarkston Independence District Library Board would like to thank all those involved in our recent Used Book Sale at the library. The sale was very successful, raising funds to enable the library staff to provide useful, interesting and entertaining programs for all ages […]