SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Lost confidence this election?

The election for the President of the United States will be settled shortly. Many have said that the two candidates are the most disliked candidates in history. They both have very high negative ratings, as well as devoted followings. As I watch the news, I laugh when I see the hypocrisy of the media. The […]

Letters to the Editor

Support for incumbents Catallo, Sabol Dear Editor, Clarkston is a unique and beautiful place we proudly call home. Our combination of historic and contemporary neighborhoods, thriving business district, and the many events, activities and milestones that take place in our well-beloved Depot Park are the reasons people want to live, work and visit here. We […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Simple life key to success

I think science has finally discovered what makes the political process work. Multiverses. Political candidates live in a different universe from everyone else. They come from an “interpenetrating dimension,” one that overlaps ours at this key point called “government.” This would explain the “cosmic inflation” of their egos and the “alternate realities” that they project […]

Letters to the Editor

Candidate looks to improve communications Dear Editor, My name is Sue Wylie, and I am running for Clarkston City Council. I vividly remember the snowy day in March of 1987 when I drove down Main Street into the Village of Clarkston for the first time and immediately decided to make this town my home. I […]

Special thanks for medical assistance

Dear Editor, On Sept. 16, while sitting in the stadium watching the Clarkston Wolves take on Stoney Creek, my husband had a medical emergency. It was the quick thinking of the Clarkston spectators who came to our aid and helped my husband. Everything happened so quickly I was unable to thank or even get the […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: What is a Christian?

A few years ago I spoke at a campus Bible study at Oakland University on the topic of “What does it mean to be a Christian?” Since the audience consisted of college students from a hodge-podge of denominations, I wanted to help them think clearly about this important question. I began my talk by asking […]

Newcomers too repetitive, reader says

Dear Editor, I cannot believe the letters in the voice of the people. They sound like they are in grade school, picking on people for what they think is said and dwelling on it. They need to get jobs or do something to keep themselves busy. They just say the same thing over and over. […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: If we get what we want, what then?

In the late 1940’s, George Orwell wrote a book called 1984. Orwell was very concerned about the rise of totalitarianism based on his observations of the rise of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Although Hitler’s empire had been smashed at the time of his book, Orwell built his premise on practices used by the Soviet […]

HEALTH: 7 tips to optimize health, wellness

By Frank J. Granett R.ph. The National Health Council and The Institute of Medicine published a study ranking 17 industrialized countries including European block countries, Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States. The health rank in the US was dead last. Americans die from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and drug overdosing more than the other […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for memories Dear Editor, Thanks to Don Rush for the humor and memories of our youth (Don’t Rush Me column, “Remind Me Again, Why Did I like Playing Football,” Aug. 24, 2016). Have a great year and yes, those were some very good years. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to […]

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