Letters to the Editor

Thanks for memories Dear Editor, Thanks to Don Rush for the humor and memories of our youth (Don’t Rush Me column, “Remind Me Again, Why Did I like Playing Football,” Aug. 24, 2016). Have a great year and yes, those were some very good years. I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Turn to God instead of fear

My friend likes to tell the story of when his wife came home from a shopping trip with a beautiful new dress. When he saw the price tag he was aghast. As a minister he had a very meager income and the dress was way too expensive. He asked her to explain how she could […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Be still and know he is God

We are living in unsettling times. We are told our economy is doing well, and many indicators point to a strong economy. Yet, most people recognize that although the economy is doing well, the benefits are not evenly distributed as they had been in the past. Many in the middle class of America are struggling […]

Health benefits of collagen

Collagen is the most important and plentiful protein in the human body. Muscle, bone, skin and tendon functionality can not occur without optimal levels of collagen in the body. Unfortunately, collagen levels decrease with age and may be a contributing factor in the onset of chronic disease. Collagen promotes skin strength and elasticity, and is […]

Letters to the Editor

City officials off to the wrong foot Dear Editor, No remorse. No contriteness. No embarrassment. No apology. Clarkston City officials have not publicly acknowledged why almost $60,000 was previously spent without formal city council review and approval. Nor have city officials publicly committed to follow the City Charter, Ordinance regulations and Michigan public law in […]

Letters to the Editor

Reader asks of right to bear nukes Dear Editor, The many campaign ads, commercials and debate comments by political candidates advocating fervent concern for loss of gun rights initially seemed misplaced, unsophisticated, and even stupid from my perspective. After all, where is the political and government leadership’s concern for real issues like jobs, education, crumbling […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Release fear with truth

It’s funny, two weeks ago when I last saw my garden most of the weeding had been done, many of the rows were mulched and everything looked orderly. Then I go away for a couple of weeks, come back and the weeds are taller than the plants. My garden has become an incredibly disorderly jungle. […]

Letters to the Editor

Bond benefits kids Dear Editor, On Tuesday, Aug. 2, voters will be asked to support an extension of the current 7 mil bond debt to provide necessary improvements to Safety and Security, Facility and Site Improvements, and Educational Technology for the Clarkston Community Schools. This proposal will address all levels of education in our schools. […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for parade help Dear Editor, The Clarkston Fourth of July Parade Committee would like to thank the following people for their help and support with this year’s Clarkston Fourth of July Parade. First, we really appreciate the help of Selfridge Air Force Base and the two pilots who volunteered their time to fly on […]

Letters to the Editor

Budget issues Dear Editor, Guided by the city’s auditor, the new Clarkston treasurer wisely recommended city council amend the 2015-16 budget by almost $60,000, to reflect expenditures already incurred. The council approved the budget amendment with three days remaining in the fiscal year ending June 30. Starting with the positives, it could’ve been more; wasn’t […]

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