Open meetings considerations

Dear Editor, I’ve written to you about Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act issues. Today, I write about what Eric Haven, Sharron Catallo, David Marsh, and Al Avery did with regard to the November election. If you don’t pay much attention to election matters, you may only recall that the deadline for candidates […]

Letters to the Editor

Put voters in charge Dear Editor, The United States has always been unique in the world in its desire to create a government of, by, and for the people. In recent years, however, our progress towards that goal seems to have faltered. With the advent of gerrymandering – the practice of redrawing districts to rig […]

Vote for transparency

Dear Editor, I want to talk more about why I believe that Eric Haven, David Marsh, Al Avery, and Sharron Catallo are the anti-transparency candidates. Today, I write about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). I am a municipal attorney. I’ve worked for large municipalities for the last 17 years and with the Michigan FOIA almost […]

Percival worthy of re-election

Dear Editor, Steve Percival is the Mayor of the City of the Village of Clarkston, and running for re-election. He was the only person to agree to serve two years ago. This is in keeping with this locally bred resident’s commitment to service. Steve has committed his adult life to service – to this country, […]

Support for city attorney

Dear editor, I am writing to you in a strong support of City Attorney Tom Ryan. As you may recall, I was City Manager from June 2008 until June of 2013 when I retired. Previous to that position, I served for over 20 years in Waterford Township Government, the last 8 years as township Supervisor […]

The ‘swamp’ is now a cesspool

Dear Editor, Rep. Mike Bishop, you have been critical of Elissa Slotkin, associating her with Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Will you now declare your allegiance with President Donald Trump and Congressman Lindsey Graham after the despicable statement about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford? Trump mocking her and Graham’s implying she is a “slut whore drunk.” All women […]

It is time for a real change in Washington, DC

Dear Editor, The nation’s budget deficit rose 17 percent in 2018, reflecting record spending and reckless “tax reform” by Congress which was largely more welfare for the very rich, disguised as a middle class tax cut to dupe weary, hard-working Americans. Meanwhile stock market gains and 401 account increases have largely evaporated, and wages remain […]

Candidate would support health care

Dear Editor: Integrity and honesty in government are important. Nicole Breadon is running for state representative in District 43 because she supports funding for public schools, infrastructure and roads, and protecting working families. As a representative, she would also support developing a single payer health care system, working across the aisle to develop what is […]

Calls for financial fitness for electeds

Dear Editor, The Village of Clarkston faces very significant financial challenges. The recent report to City Council details the condition of our roads and the expenses required to maintain them. Past city councils have ignored infrastructure maintenance. We will need to spend double the cost currently budgeted to keep the roads from further deteriorating. And […]

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