Warped War Powers

Dear Editor, The Constitution provides Congress with the sole power to make declarations of war. The 1973 War Powers Resolution passed by the House and Senate requires congressional approval before the president deploys armed forces and commits troops to war. U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s House resolution (not passed by the Senate and therefore has no […]

Why pay for RTA?

Dear Editor, Thanks to Supervisor Pat Kittle for his thorough breakdown of yet another big government boondoggle – Regional Transit Authority (RTA) (“Southeast Michigan Regional Transit Authority,” Jan. 8). County Executive L. Brooks Patterson did a great job of keeping north Oakland County out of this expensive mess for many years. Now, the newly appointed, […]

Ad success

Dear Editor, We are newer Clarkston residents and subscribers to The Clarkston News. We responded to Jacobs Insurance full page ad and are very pleased, we saw their ad and responded. It was well constructed and with good content. We had them quote us on home and auto insurance and the savings – for the […]

Community support appreciated

Dear Editor, The gift of nourishment is so important to our local Clarkston seniors through the Meals on Wheels Program. For those in need, a nutritionally-balanced hot meal is delivered at lunchtime that provides a crucial wellness check for otherwise home-bound individuals. Adults 60 years or older, who are unable to shop or prepare their […]

Donations appreciated

Dear Editor, This year, for the Clarkston Community Schools Transportation Department’s 16th Annual Stuff-A-Bus to support Lighthouse of Oakland County North, we brought in over 5,100 pounds of food, health care items, and other items which were on their wishlist. We also brought in just under $1,000 in cash and gift card donations. Those totals […]

Thanks for support

Thanks for support

More than 40 volunteers gathered Friday afternoon at Oakland Woods Baptist Church to set up Clarkston Rotary’s “Shoes for Kids” for Saturday. Working in two-hour shifts, 160 volunteers helped 457 Clarkston children pick out shoes and boots, as well as receive hats, gloves, and other clothing items, supplies, and services. Photo by Phil Custodio Dear […]

Questions about Airbnb proposals

Dear Editor, The article “City takes aim at Airbnbs,” Dec. 4, left me with a few questions. The lack of an ordinance allowing “x” means “x” is not allowed? Did I read that correctly? Hypothetically, if no ordinance exists allowing non-owner vehicles to park in driveways overnight, then my guests can’t park in my driveway […]

Reader sees Trump letter as propaganda

Dear Editor, Michael Powell’s letter to the editor (“An answer to impeachment call,” Nov. 27), a lightly edited Fox News summary, urges us to ignore the reputable media; voices of state department officials; impeachment hearings testimony; incriminating documents, video footage and recordings; and Trump’s daily lies. It’s a far-right strongman manifesto that turns truth on […]

An answer to impeachment call

Dear Editor, Contrary to a recent letter to the editor (“A call for action on impeachment,” Nov. 20), a majority of Americans now oppose the impeachment proceedings. They’ve seen “the political gamesmanship” by the Democratic Party start with calls for his impeachment long before he was sworn into office. The refusal to accept the results […]

Reader offers status quo challenge

Dear Editor, Last week in this space, the Clarkston News editor again proved the age-old adage that newsprint cares not that which is printed upon it (“A call for action on impeachment,” Nov. 20). Many ungracious comments were written about the 45th president of our country, a man elected by 63 million Americans. Throughout the […]

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