Reader talks FOIA, restaurant issues

Dear Editor, Busy restaurants, lots of people, walking, biking, all enjoying the Village of Clarkston. In my 37 years of living in the Village, I can’t recall a time when it was more alive and vibrant than it is now. What appears to be a very successful downtown does have some problems however. Parking is […]

Reader sees economics, not race, dividing U.S.

Dear Editor, The racial violence at Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend was tragic, and it was sad many political leaders would not denounce it as such, but Americans make an equally tragic mistake in believing condemnations of white supremacists by the nation’s top political leadership will, alone, make the underlying problem go away. Indeed, focusing too […]

Letters to the Editor

CNews help with enhancing business appreciated Dear Editor, Thank you for helping us carryout our mission of promoting and enhancing businesses in the Clarkston area for our members. From printing our press releases to sharing photos from our events, you have given us a great opportunity to share content with the public about our organization […]

Letters to the editor

Rough comments reflect president, reader says Dear Editor, In his recent letter to the editor (“Reader calls out presidentially insulting comments,” July 19), reader Richard Meyer recommends The Clarkston News refrain in future from reiterating/reporting comments like “disgusting pig,” posed by “the intellectually bereft” when referring to the American president. It is difficult to argue […]

Letters to the Editor

Community conversation about Depot Park Dear Editor, Friends of Depot Park (FDP) invite the community once again for a conversation about Depot Park. Last November several gathered for the first time at the Clarkston Independence District Library (CIDL) to share their thoughts and hopes for the park. Since that time, the FDP, a committee of […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks to News for focus on youth projects Dear Editor, I would like to thank the Clarkston News staff for frequently printing stories regarding community involvement within the younger generations. Each week, the Clarkston News has contributions from Gens Y and Z which promote helping each other, the community and the world at large. I […]

Letters to the Editor

Family history link through the News Dear Editor, Hope things are going well for you. Just thought I would share that after the article was in The Clarkston News on my family ancestors a woman contacted me here at the library (“Century of family history,” May 10) She said she thought we might be related. […]

STUDENT VIEWPOINT: Softball for Sashabaw

By Riley Haener In a recent interview, Amanda Scarborough, a sports announcer for ESPN, explained her experience as a young softball player, “While my coaches were impacting ME, I had the ability to make an impact on THEM even though I was much younger.” What many people do not realize about softball is that not […]

Letters to the Editor

White Cane Week support appreciated Dear Editor, The Clarkston Area Lions wish to thank everyone for their support during our recent White Cane Week. Through your generosity, we collected over $8,100. All of the funds collected will be used to support many sight and hearing projects, including Leader Dogs for the Blind, Eversight Michigan, formerly […]

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for service Dear Editor, Impact Weekend was a community project that benefited many. Twenty-one volunteers worked at the senior center gardens and the entrance to Clintonwood Park. There were young people and adults from the Clarkston Community Church, adults from the senior center, the Senior Center Garden Committee and young people and adults from […]

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