PHIL IN THE BLANK: Summer on the Go

There’s been some backlash to the Pokemon Go-ers out and about in downtown Clarkston, especially Depot Park. Some commentators on our Facebook page can’t stand them, and criticized us for promoting or otherwise not condemning the activity. When first seeing people shambling about with their faces buried in their phones, yes, that is unnerving. Are […]

PHIL IN THE BLANK: A knightly lesson

In one of my favorite scenes from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the king of Swamp Castle is instructing his guards to make sure the prince doesn’t leave the room until he comes and gets him. It’s not easy. “Don’t leave the room even if you come and get him,” the guard says. “No, […]

PHIL IN THE BLANK: Summer season

The Clarkston Village Players’ production of “Hamlet II” finished its run a couple weeks ago. It was an awesome experience. It turns out, however, in addition to gaining new experience as an onstage performer and new ways to get over stage fright, I gained about 10 pounds from overindulging in green room snacks. I need […]

PHIL IN THE BLANK: Once more into the breach

One more weekend of me playing a ghost-hunting 12th century Danish soldier in a 20th century U.S. Army uniform, in Clarkston Village Players’ comedy production of Hamlet II. My has the time flied. My first time performing in any theater production, I still get nervous before each show, waiting in the wings in the dark […]

PHIL IN THE BLANK: Hamlet-ing it up

This month went fast. I’ve been busy with the Clarkston Village Players, preparing for opening night of Hamlet II next Friday. We’ve had our share of challenges, including springtime maladies having their way with the cast over the past few weeks. We have a new Ophelia. The original actress fell ill and unfortunately had to […]

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