City Council, 10-8-18

City of the Village of Clarkston

City Council

Regular Meeting Minutes

10 08 2018 Minutes

Call to Order at 6:00 PM. Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call: Mayor Percival, Kneisc, Luginski, Reynolds, Wylie, Catallo, Detkowski, All Present. Approval of Agenda: Motion by Luginski, Supported by Reynolds to approve the agenda with changes to add Sheriff Report after City Manager Report and change motion on item # 14 to a Resolution. Motion Carried.

Resolution by Reynolds, Supported by Detkowski to go into closed session, requested by City Attorney Tom Ryan to discuss a personnel issue. Roll Call: Reynolds, Luginski, Catallo, Detkowski, Yes. Wylie, Kneisc, Percival, NO. Resolution is defeated.

Motion by Wylie, Supported by Reynolds to adjourn the meeting at 6:11 PM. Motion Carried.

Called to order at 7:00 PM. Motion by Kneisc, Supported by Detkowski to change the agenda and move the subject of #5 (Tom Ryan) to # 10 (first under Old Business) Motion Carried. Consent Agenda:  Motion by Wylie, Seconded by Reynolds, to approve the Minutes 09 10 2018 along with 09 15 2018 and 09 24 2018 Draft Minutes. Treasurer Report ending 09 30 18. Motion Carried.

Motion by Kneisc Seconded by Wylie to approve the public sandwich board sign at 32 S Main. The City will be given legal ownership of the “Tow Away Zone” sign but Union Joints would retain possession and control of the sign. Union Joints will deploy the sign during the hours of the parking restriction. The Planning Commission Approved their final minutes (including their recommendation to approve the placement of the sandwich board) on 10 08 2018. Motion Carried.

Resolution by Catallo, Supported by Reynolds to allow Joe Luginski to serve on both the City Council and Planning Commission, In addition to Sue Wylie Who is also on both City Council and The Planning Commission. Roll Call: Percival, Catallo, Reynolds, Detkowski, Kneisc, Yes. Wylie, No. Luginski Abstain. Resolution is Adopted.

Haven, also known as, represented by Carol Brumm, asked for donations including the City’s CDBG 2019 Funds.

Resolution by Luginski, Supported by Detkowski, to approve 2019 annual MDOT permit for work on state trunk line right of way. Roll Call: Wylie, Luginski, Kneisc, Reynolds, Detkowski, Catallo, Percival. Resolution is Adopted.

Resolved by Reynolds, Supported by Detkowski, to approve a 5 year projection of road repair fund. FY 18-19 -0- FY 19-20 $110,000. FY 20-21 $76,000. FY 21-22 $82,000. FY 22-23 $92,000. FY 23-24 $94,000. Roll Call: Luginski, Wylie, Catallo, Detkowski, Kneisc, Reynolds, Percival. Resolution is Adopted.

Resolved by Wylie Supported by Kneisc to approve free parking all day at Washington and Main Street paid parking lot, on Small Business Saturday 11 24 2018, with the loss to paid parking revenue amounting to approximately $442.00. Roll Call: Percival, Luginski, Catallo, Reynolds, Detkowski, Kneisc, Wylie. Resolution is Adopted.

Motion by Wylie, Seconded by Luginski to have a joint Council and Planning Commission meeting for Carlisle Wortman to present the parking study on October 22, 2018 at 7 PM. Location to be announced due to the lack of space at 375 Depot Street. Motion Carried.

Motion by Reynolds, Supported by Luginski to adjourn at 9:16 PM. Motion Carried. For the complete minutes please contact Sandy Miller, City Clerk at 248-625-1559 or

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