City Council, 5-29-18

City of the Village of Clarkston CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING MINUTES 05 29 2018 MINUTES Call to Order at 7:00 PM. Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call: Reynolds, Kneisc, Haven, Detkowski, Catallo, Mayor Percival, Wylie, All Present. Approval of Agenda: Motion by Detkowski, Seconded by Haven, to approve the agenda, with a change to add a Resolution of a bid award to Weingartz for a sweepster, and add bid award to Carlisle for Parking study. All Aye, Motion Carried. Consent Agenda:  Motion by Haven, Seconded by Catallo, to approve the Minutes 04 23 2018 along with 05 14 2018  Minutes. Treasurer Report ending 05 31 18. All Aye, Motion Carried. Richard Carlisle Presented the Proposal of the Parking Management Study for $9,900.00, to finish approximately the beginning of September. Motion by Catallo, Seconded by Wylie, to add a motion to add a bid award to Carlisle Wortman for the Parking Management Study for $9,900.00. All Aye, Motion Carried. Open Public Hearing at 8:02. Jonathan Smith presented the 2018/2019 Proposed Budget. Public Hearing closed at 9:15. Resolution by Wylie, Seconded by Kneisc, to approve a Budget Amendment FY 17/18 in the amount of $16,082.70. Roll Call: Percival, Haven, Catallo, Reynolds, Detkowski, Kneisc, Wylie. All Yes, Resolution is Adopted. Resolution by Percival, Supported by Wylie, to approve a bid award with Weingartz in the amount of $5,075.00 for a sweepster that fits on the Cab Track Loader. Roll Call: Catallo, Haven, Reynolds, Percival, Detkowski, Kneisc, Wylie. All Yes, Resolution is Adopted. Motion by Detkowski, Supported by Kneisc for a bid award to Carlisle Wortman for the Parking Management Study in the amount of $9,900.00 from 17/18 FY. Roll Call: Wylie, Kneisc, Detkowski, Percival, Reynolds, Haven, Catallo. All Yes, Motion Carried. Motion by Wylie, Seconded by Percival, to approve a cut and patch repair, not a full replacement of a water line near 20 N Main at no cost to the City. All Aye, Motion Carried. Discussion by Kneisc, in regards to 3 way Stop signs at Holcomb and Surrey Lane. This issue needs to move forward and consult with Tom Ryan and to bring a traffic controller forward for an opinion. Motion by Percival, Supported by Wylie to adjourn at 10:06 PM. All Aye, Motion Carried. For the complete minutes please contact Sandy Miller, City Clerk at 248625-1559 or or visit

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