City Council 7-9-18

City of the Village of Clarkston

City Council Regular Meeting Minutes

07 09 2018 Minutes

Call to Order at 7:00 PM. Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call: Wylie, Reynolds, Kneisc, Haven, Detkowski, Catallo, Mayor Percival, All Present. Approval of Agenda: Motion by Wylie, Seconded by Percival, to approve the agenda with 2 additions, 42 W Washington Discussion and Bisio Lawsuit Discussion. Motion Carried.

Consent Agenda:  Motion by Haven, Seconded by Wylie, to approve the Minutes 06 11 2018 and 06 25 2018 Draft Minutes. Treasurer Report ending 06 30 18. Motion Carried.

Motion by Percival, Seconded by Reynolds to approve the Policy and Procedures Manual, with one change to add no smoking in city vehicles or equipment. Motion Carried.

Motion by Wylie, Seconded by Percival to adjourn at 08:12 PM. All Yes, Motion Carried. For the complete minutes, please contact Sandy Miller, City Clerk at 248-625-1559 or or visit

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