City hall project in final phase

Edit: The estimated cost of the DPW garage doors was originally listed incorrectly. The $6,850 estimated cost is correct.

Clarkston News Editor
Clarkston’s city hall construction project is wrapping up, with administration staff moving back into the renovated office by the end of this week. City Council, board, and commission meetings will be back in the new city hall starting in February.
The $300,000 renovation of the 43-year-old Artemus M. Pappas Village Hall is $21,000 under budget for work completed so far, said City Manager Jonathan Smith at Monday’s City Council meeting.
Final projects to be completed include paving the driveway, installing security cameras around the building, buying furniture for the office and meeting room, as well as wiring, bathroom work, carpet, security door, counter, and glass, and cabinetry, Smith said.
Work on the DPW garage doors, budgeted at $2,000, has an estimated cost of $6,850 after they were found to need replacement, Smith said.
Council member Scott Reynolds cautioned against spending underbudgeted funds on items not in the original scope of the project.
Smith said all the work will come before the city council for approval.
Administration is working on ways to recognize companies, groups, and individuals who donated to the project, including the Clarkston High School Construction Tech students, Jack Burrow Construction for framing, TNR for dumpsters, Von Horn for concrete, Midwest Illumination for lighting, city DPW for labor, and Clarkston United Methodist Church, which provided meeting space free throughout the project, Smith said.
Ideas include a permanent plaque in the building, as well as recognition in the Clarkston News and other media. An open house in February or March will include formal recognition, he said.
Groundbreaking was on May 16, 2019. The project included a new three-bay garage, eight feet added to the north side of the building, more work space and office for the DPW, new roof, siding, trim, and paint, 688-square-foot meeting room, new security entrance, and public restroom. The city borrowed the $300,000 from its sewer and water budgets, to be repaid at one percent interest. In 2016, the city bid out a city hall renovation and expansion project, but pulled the plug on it when costs came in at more than $600,000. Clarkston previously paid $1,600 a month for its old DPW building at 3 E. Church Street.

2 Responses to "City hall project in final phase"

  1. Cory Johnston   January 17, 2020 at 11:22 am

    I assume the cost of $86,850 for new garage doors is in error as these would be very expensive doors and break the budget. There are doors already in place so was this paid for already or does the work need to be done again?
    As for the budget, the cost of the driveway, security cameras, internet and phone wiring, furniture, landscaping and more are not specifically in the approved budget. Will these all be additional and unbudgeted costs?
    Much of the stated savings so far is for work done by the city DPW at no cost as if city manpower, machinery and materials are free. Architectural and engineering fees are also not included even though directly related to this work. Will we ever know the actual total cost? Probably not.
    As a long term, tax paying resident of the Village of Clarkton, I thank all those who worked on the Village Hall project, donated, or discounted their work. This project has been discussed for many, many years but had no funding put away to make it happen so any help the city can get is appreciated by the taxpayers. It will undoubtedly go over budget, just like the unfinished sidewalk work did, but we will probably not be informed of that until after the work is done and the bill must be paid, if then. Despite charter and ordinance requirements, that’s just how things are done in the Village of Clarkston.

  2. Phil Custodio   January 17, 2020 at 11:40 am

    Yes, it was in error. It should have been listed as a $6,850 estimated cost.


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