City news in brief

DPW supervisor resigns

Clarkston is in need of a new Department of Public Works supervisor after Jason Miller submitted his resignation.
During the hiring process, the DPW department will have one full-time and a part-time employee.
“The problem is the wage rate is not great – it may take awhile find someone,” said City Manager Carol Eberhardt at the June 13 City Council meeting. “I’m going to need someone with same skill sets as Jason.”
Miller knew how to get the best deals on supplies and equipment, the city manager said.
“He could find free stuff like you guys wouldn’t believe,” she said. “Without Jason, we’re going to have more in expenses.”

Request to move clock

James Schneider, owner of former Clarkston State Bank building at 15 S. Main Street, wants to relocate the Village Clock, which is located in front of the building.
“We’d pay to move it to other side of our property,” he told City Council at its June 13 meeting.
Council member Mike Sabol, also a member of the Planning Commission, said a revised site plan may be needed for the property, which is being renovated into a restaurant.
A special meeting of the planning commission could be set to expedite the matter, Sabol said.
The building owners suggested moving the clock off the property to Washington and Main streets, but council members were against that idea.
“I like it in the center of the business district – I would prefer keep it in your area somewhere,” Sabol said.
Washington and Main would expose the clock more to weather and traffic, said Council member Jason Kneisc.
“I like landmarks that are there for a long time,” Kneisc said. “Small town charm, I think it’s a big part of it. To me, it’s part of the building.”
If recommended for approval by the planners, the proposal would then have to return to city council.