City sign style

City Council voted unanimously, May 28, to approve up to $5,000 for 12 Acre Studio, to prepare a new citywide sign style.
The city Sign Committee, which includes Cara Catallo, Jane Jones, Erich Lines, David Marsh, Karrie Marsh, and Toni Smith, voted unanimously, May 22, to recommend the proposal.
The committee wants to create a consistent style for city-welcome signs, city hall sign, street signs, and historic-district street signs. Signs would be updated over several years.
“If we do it and do it right, I really believe it’s going to make the city look a lot better, seem a lot nicer and probably raise property values because it’s going to make the city much more attractive,” David Marsh said.
Twelve Acre Studio will provide three concepts from which to choose, as well as print-ready graphics to submit to sign manufacturers. Fundraising could help pay for new signs, including selling the current signs, Marsh said.

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