City sorry to Cory over name in report

City resident Cory Johnston received a public apology from Mayor Steven Percival and City Manager Jonathan Smith at the Feb. 27 City Council meeting, after Johnston was named in the city manager’s report.
“I apologize to Cory publicly,” Percival said. “It was not our intent to put him out there. Our intent is to get violations resolved.”
Johnston provided a list of ordinance violations by city businesses regarding dumpster enclosures, exterior lighting, roof-top equipment, and off-street parking, and was mentioned by name in the city manager’s report. Attaching his name to the complaints could invite retribution, the mayor said.
“I don’t want that,” he said.
“My point in identifying him did not in any way indicate a negative mark,” Smith said. “He’s making valid points.”
Smith and Ordinance Officer Jennifer Miller will address each violation and bring recommendations to the council, the city manager said.
“These are legitimate issues we should be addressing,” Smith said. “He’s done the right thing, to bring it to our attention.”
– Phil Custodio

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