Clarkston City Council, 5-22-17

05-22 2017 MINUTES
Call to Order at 7:00 PM. Pledge of Allegiance. Roll
Call: Kneisc, Marsh, Wylie, Haven, Catallo, Mayor
Percival Present . Detkowski Absent. Approval of Agenda:
Motion by Catallo, Supported by Haven, to approve the
agenda. With one change to move item 12 to item 11.
Motion Carried. Consent Agenda: Motion by Haven, Supported
Catallo to approve the Treasurer Report and Minutes
04 10 2017, 04 24 2017, and 05 08 2017. Motion
Carried. City Manager report. Jonathon Smith submitted
a preliminary draft of the budget, and asked to join Oakland
County CISMA (Cooperative Invasive Species Management
Area). Resolution by Marsh, Supported by
Wylie to resolve the rezone request for 42 W Washington
from R2 to VC. Resolution is Defeated. There was a
statement made by Mr. Basinger. He quoted Section
19.06 of the City Zoning Ordinance, which states “An
Application for an amendment to the official Zoning Map
(i.e. a rezoning request) that has been denied shall not be
reconsidered for one (1) year, unless the applicant demonstrates
that conditions have changed.” Resolution by
Marsh, Supported by Catallo to resolve the Denial of
Rezoning request based on the reasons as expressed in
this meeting and in the attached Exhibit A. Resolution
Adopted. Resolution by Haven, Supported by Percival to
waive the fee of the gazebo rental for Oakland County
Shelter Fundraiser, donations of Dog Food, Treats, Toys,
Blankets and towels on the Saturday June 3, 2017. Resolution
Adopted. Resolution by Wylie, Supported by Marsh
to waive the fee of the gazebo rental for Church Service
and Picnic, except for Deposit of $200.00. The Deposit
will be returned 1 week after the event, provided the City
personal determine no clean up is required. No grills are
allowed in the park. Resolution Adopted. Resolution by
Wylie, Supported by Percival to approve the City of
Clarkston Road Closure. Oakland County Sheriff will
close Depot Rd and White Lake Road for the Memorial
Day Parade. Resolution Adopted.Motion by Marsh, Supported
by Wylie to adjourn at 8:29 PM. Motion Carried.
For details and comments contact Sandy Miller, City

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