Clarkston City Council, 6-12-17

06-12 2017 MINUTES
Call to Order at 7:00 PM. Pledge of Allegiance. Roll
Call: Wylie, Kneisc, Haven, Detkowski, Catallo, Mayor
Percival Present . Marsh, Absent. Approval of Agenda:
Motion by Detkowski, Supported by Wylie, to approve
the agenda. Motion Carried. Consent Agenda: Motion by
Wylie, Supported Detkowski to approve the Treasurer
Report and Minutes 05 08 2017, 05 22 2017. Motion
Carried. Public Hearing open at 7:18 PM to discuss the
proposed budget for 2018. Jonathon gave a presentation
explaining the proposed budget in detail. Public Hearing
closed at 8:16. Thank You to both Chet Pardee and Mark
Gilbert for volunteering their time, on the current Budget.
The final Budget will be presented on the June 26, 2017
Council Meeting. Resolution by Catallo, Supported by
Kneisc to approve the Comcast Local Franchise Agreement.
We will continue with our 5% as the percentage of
gross revenue. Resolution Adopted. Resolution by Catallo,
Supported by Percival to approve the allocation of Smart
Credits for 2018 of $874.00. This Allocation is then turned
over to Independence Township Senior Center to use for
the transportation program. Resolution Adopted. Resolution
by Catallo, Supported by Wylie to approve the Matching
Fund Grant from Oakland County Local Road improvement
matching funds program for years 2017-2018
in the amount of $1820.00. Resolution Adopted. Resolution
by Catallo, Supported by Percival to amend the
General Fund 101, Major Roads Fund 202, Local Roads
Fund 203 FY 2017 Budget to reflect changes necessary
to cover current activity. Resolution Adopted. Motion by
Wylie, Supported by Percival to adjourn at 8:30 PM.
Motion Carried.
Respectfully Submitted, Sandy Miller, City Clerk

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