Clarkston City Council, 7-22-19

City Council Regular Meeting Minutes

07-22-2019 Final Minutes

  1. Call to Order 7:00pm By Mayor Haven
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call: Mayor Haven, Avery, Catallo, Kneisc, Marsh, Reynolds, Wylie. All Present
  4. Approval of Agenda – Motion

Motion by Wylie Seconded by Reynolds to approve Agenda with an added 10b to Agenda regarding adding a member to the Parking Management Committee. All Yes. Motion carried.

  1. Public Comments: None
  2. FYI Notice of Lake Improvement Board for Clarkston Mill Ponds on Tuesday August 13th at 6pm at Independence Township Hall.

Petitions for open Council seats for 2019 Elections due Tuesday 23rd 2019 by 4pm

  1. Sheriff Report June 2019
  2. City Manager Report Including a report on the City Hall Construction Costs to date.
  3. Motion – Acceptance of the Consent Agenda as Presented

Motion to accept by Wylie Seconded by Catallo to approve the Treasurer Report ending in 07/17/2019 and minutes 06/24/2019 Final and 07/08/2019 Draft Minutes. All Yes. Motion carried.

  1. Old Business:

10A.    Resolution: Modified Parking Proposal

Motioned by Marsh Seconded by Wylie to Send back to the Parking Management Committee for further analysis and recommendation. Roll Call: Catallo, Haven, Kneisc, Marsh, Reynolds, Wylie – Yes. Avery – No. Motion carried.

10b.     Motion by Reynolds Seconded by Haven to add David Marsh to the Parking Management Committee.

10c.     Motion – Paid Parking in Depot Lot

Motioned by Marsh Seconded by Wylie to send Paid Parking in the Depot Lot back to Council for reconsideration. All Yes. Motion Carried.

  1. New Business

11a.     Presentation of Signage Proposal

Presentation by John Papas of 12 Acre Studio showing the proposed conceptual signs of The City of Clarkston Welcome, Wayfinding and Street signs.

11b. Resolution: Depot Park Bridge and Parking Kiosk Lights

Resolved by Marsh Seconded by Kneisc The City of the Village of Clarkston (with HDC approval) authorizes the purchase of four (4) Depot Park bridge lights at the cost of $1937.34 (plus Labor) to be paid from Park Materials budget and one (1) parking lot light for Kiosk at a cost of $294.19 (plus labor) to be paid from the Parking Expense budget. Roll Call: Avery, Catallo, Haven, Kneisc, Marsh, Reynolds, Wylie. All Yes. Resolution is Adopted.

11c. Resolution: Local Road Improvement Cost Agreement

Resolved by Catallo Seconded by Marsh to approve the signing of the Local Road Improvement Matching Fund Pilot Program Cost Participation Agreement. Roll Call: Haven, Marsh, Catallo, Avery, Kneisc, Reynolds, Wylie. All Yes. Resolution adopted.

11d. Planning, ZBA & HDC Appointments and Reappointments

Resolved by Haven Seconded by Kneisc to approve the following appointments and reappointments. Planning Commission: Joe Luginski, Frank Schoebel and Sue Wylie. Zoning Board of Appeals: Sharron Catallo, Margaret Decosta and Scott Meyland. Historic District Commission: Jim Meloche, Michael Moon and John Nantau. All Yes. Motion Carried

  1. Adjourn

Motion by Kneisc Seconded by Marsh to adjourn at 9:01 PM. All Yes Motion Carried.

Respectfully Submitted by Jennifer Speagle, City Clerk.




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