Survey shows Clarkston families finding online learning ‘just enough’

On Thursday, Clarkston Community Schools published the results of the virtual at-home learning surveys on the CCS website.
Overall, 1,056 parents and 506 students responded to the surveys.
“As you can see in the reports, the vast majority of CCS families are participating in at-home learning, and are finding that it offers ‘just enough’ in all areas,” reads a statement from the district. “Overall, our community is satisfied with the education and support they are receiving from our district.
“Our teacher survey reports reveal that while teachers feel equipped to lead at-home learning, they still worry about their students’ academic growth and are seeking greater engagement with families during these challenging times. These results are based on the responses of 314 teachers.
“We are working to continue to strengthen the Clarkston virtual at-home learning model and once again, thank all who participated in our check-up surveys.”

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