Clarkston grad shares personal experiences in songs

Clarkston News Staff Writer
Zoe Nygaard finished working on her first EP last week and released her first single “Don’t Fall” in December 2020.
“Working on my first EP was one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” said Nygaard, a 2018 graduate of Clarkston High School, who can be found by her artist name Zoe Ny on streaming platforms.
“I had Bryan Pope work with me as music director,” she said, adding he helped produce her single “Don’t Fall.” “I got to hear all of the songs played live for the first time when we recorded them. It was absolutely amazing.”
Nygaard explained fans and listeners can expect something completely different from her.
“These songs are all very real and come from personal experience,” she said. “The lyrics from start to end tell a story. The music and vocals behind them are going to be all live as if you were going to a venue to hear them. I absolutely can’t wait to release this.”
A taste can be found in her first single, “Don’t Fall,” which was released in December on Spotify.
“It feels amazing,” she said, when the single was released. “I am so happy I get to share my music and ‘Don’t Fall’ felt like a great start.”
Nygaard added the reactions have been great.
“I was so surprised at how many people reached out to tell me that they listened to my song and loved it,” she said.
Nygaard wrote “Don’t Fall” when she was 15 years old, finding inspiration not only in her life but the lives of people close to her at the time.

Zoe Ny. Photo by Courtney Blackett Photography

“I remember playing it at an open mic in Nashville when I was 17 and it getting such great feedback- that’s when I decided to make a demo and get it recorded,” she said. “I ended up working with producers Steve Saputo and Bryan Pope. I absolutely love how it turned out.”
She added for the past year she has been writing non-stop and 2020 was definitely the most challenging, but also the most rewarding for her.
“Creatively I feel like I have been consistently growing as an artist and developing my style,” Nygaard explained. “Even though I’ve spent a lot of time in isolation I feel like I’m in a great headspace because I get to write music and do what I love every single day. I have so much to share.”
She added she misses performing more than anything.
“I’ve been working as a professional vocalist since I was nine years old. It’s a bit frustrating- at this point in my life my voice is the strongest it’s ever been and there’s just no live music anymore. I really feel for live musicians everywhere right now,” she said.
Zygaard is currently attending Berklee College of Music and has been taking remote courses for the past three semesters. She has been working with her instructors since March 2020 to make sure she’s at her best when she does get the chance to perform.
“I’m hoping I can get back on campus in Boston in the summer or fall of this year, but I’ve been enjoying my time at home and making lots of music in my free time,” she said.

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