Clarkston Kids Writing

Gems of historic Downtown Clarkston

By Emily Sherman

Clarkston is a special place to me, it is an amazing place to live in!
It is such a great place because of downtown Clarkston. In downtown Clarkston. there are many great places to eat! Along with cool stores and, of course, Depot Park. One of my favorite memories is from a new restaurant called The Fed. The Fed is an old bank. How cool is that?
My favorite memory of The Fed was my cousin Paul’s birthday. He had invited my family and I out to dinner along with his brother and family.
My sister and I got stuck at the end of the table away from the adults. So my sister and I were playing games and talking like the parents, but they were just talking.
We had ordered our food. I got some pepperoni pizza, my sister got mac and cheese. We both shared our food. When we were eating our food my mom and I had to use the ladies room.
It was downstairs by the bar. When we were down there we saw an old bank vault, which as now a spot to eat, with the same door as if it was still a vault. I said to my mom, “wow, that is really cool, I had never seen a door so big and with the handle being something you turn!” My mom and I headed up the stairs.
Once we got back to our table it was time for dessert, the best part of the day! My sister and I shared a Lava Cake, it looked so good when we got it.
We devoured it like pigs! Before we ate it my mom looked away to talk for a minute and when she looked back over, there was no Lava Cake left on our plates. She said, “where did the Lava Cake go, I wanted to try some!” My sister and I responded, “we ate it all!” We all started to giggle. Then, my cousin shot me a confused look and I just smiled back.
That’s my absolutely favorite moment, when my sister and I got along pretty well and were having fun when we weren’t really included, when we giggled and had a good time!
Thank you for reading!

Many reasons to love C-Town

By John Kaul

In this story, you will learn why Clarkston is special to me. Hopefully by the end of this story you will love Clarkston as much as I do, and all of the other people who live here, too.
One of my first reasons Clarkston is special to me is all my friends and family that live here. Like, my Grandma and Grandpa and uncle, aunt, and cousin. Also, my friends in Clarkston that will be my friends forever. My school that I go to, Pine Knob Elementary, is the best school ever. They have really nice teachers and they teach me a lot of things like strategies that help me in my education. So these are a few of my reasons why Clarkston is so special to me.
Another reason why Clarkston is so special to me is all of the fun things you can do here. One of my personal favorite things to do is going out to eat at Leo’s Coney Island. They have amazing pancakes, and I also love their French toast. Another place I love to go is Subway! I want to have my first job there. I always order BLT with no T, and they make it perfect every time. These are more reasons why Clarkston is so special to me.
The last reason I love Clarkston so much is all of the sports at Clarkston High School. They just won two straight Division One Boys Basketball championships. Also, they also won a football championship this year. I want to play for them someday. Right now, I play for the JV White Clarkston Chiefs, the North Oakland Wolfpack, and the Clarkston Riverdawgs.
In conclusion, now you should know that Clarkston is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I know that I love Clarkston, and you should too now. I think that everybody else from around here will agree with me that Clarkston is a special place to live!
Clarkston Junior High students Evelyn Dice and Brooke Larkin organized their second-annual Clarkston Kids Writing Contest at Pine Knob Elementary. One of their prizes was publication in the Clarkston News.

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