Clarkston makes splash in pool in victory over Ferndale

Clarkston News Sports Writer
The Wolves jumped right back into the pool following the holiday break with a win over Ferndale last Thursday.
“It was great to be able to compete,” Clarkston Boys Swim and Dive Head Coach Amber Miller. “We had a small team this week – so did Ferndale. Some illnesses on both teams.”
She added one of the highlights was in the 1-meter diving which Lucas Breeden finished in first place with 191.90 points; Jonathan George, second, 156.60; and Michael George, third, 112.75.
“It was exciting for us to have Jon George get out there and dive for points tonight which was great,” Miller said. “It gives all three of our divers a win for the season, we always love that.”
She added Zachary Yamanoha is right on the cusp for a state cut.

Zachary Yamanoha competes in the 100- butterfly in Clarkston’s home meet against Ferndale last Thursday. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

“We are always pushing for that,” Miller said. “We have been working some drills and basics with them over break. It’s exciting to see them compete and show what they are learning. They are learning and progressing and growing – that’s what we are looking for.”
For individual events: in the 50-yard freestyle, Owen Guzal in first place in the time of 24.36; Charles Rowe, third, 27.10; Mark Gadley, fifth, 33.54; 100-yard butterfly, Zachary Yamanohoa, first, 54.31; Andrew Musson, second, 1:03.66; 100-yard freestyle, Roodbeen, first, 55.69; Guzal, second, 56.72; Matthew Boor, third, 1:01.48; 100-yard backstroke, Yamanoha, first, 58.73; Benjamin Guzal, 1:15.67; Gadley, fifth, 1:52.77; 100-yard breaststroke, Roodbeen, first, 1:14.53; Charles Rowe, second, 1:20.58; Michael George, fourth, 1:40.90; 200-yard freestyle, Jeffrey Ellingsworth, first, 2:10.48; Boor, second, 2:21.89; Craig Popiolek, third, 2:27.86; 200-yard IM, Musson, first, 2:22.18; Andrew Craig, second, 2:41.01; Benjamin Guzal, third, 2:47.75; and 500-yard freestyle, Ellingsworth, first, 5:53.41; Popiolek, 6:35.74.
For relays, in the 200-yard medley relay the team of Yamanoha, Roodbeen, Musson and Owen Guzal in first place in the time of 1:53.80; and team of Rowe, Popiolek, Benjamin Guzal and Michael George in second place in time of 2:06.43;
For the 200-yard freestyle relay, the team of Roodbeen, Rowe, Craig and Ellingsworth in first place in the time of 1:53.74; and the team of Boor, Gadley, Breeden and Michael George in second place in the time of 2:00.52;
For the 400-yard freestyle relay, the team of Musson, Ellingsworth, Yamanoha and Owen Guzal finished in first place in the time of 3:49.41; and the team of Boor, Popiolek, Craig and Benjamin Guzal in second place in the time of 4:26.80.
The Wolves competed against Farmington on December 16 before heading into break. They lost the meet.
For individual events, in the 50-yard freestyle, Owen Guzal in second place in the time of 24.60; Rowe, fifth, 27.20; 100-yard butterfly, Yamanoha, first, 54.93; Popiolek, fifth, 1:13.07; 100-yard freestyle, Owen Guzal, third, 57.83; Ellingsworth, fifth, 58.66; 100-yard backstroke, Benjamin Guzal, third, 1:12.77; Popiolek, fifth, 1:15.79; 100-yard breaststroke, Roodbeen, first, 1:11.05; Rowe, fifth, 1:22.01; 200-yard freestyle, Ellingsworth, second, 2:07.34; Roodbeen, fourth, 2:08.54; 200-yard IM, Yamanoha, first, 2:04.09; Musson, third, 2:18.68; and 500-yard freestyle, Musson, second, 5:30.26; Craig, fifth, 6:29.14.
For relay events, in the 200-yard medley relay, team of Yamanoha, Roodbeen, Musson and Owen Guzal finished in second place in the time of 1:50.47; the 200-yard freestyle relay team of Boor, Rowe, Ellingsworth and Owen Guzal finished in second place in the time of 1:47.21;and the 400-yard freestyle relay team of Ellingsworth, Musson, Roodbeen and Yamanoha finished in second place, 3:49.
For 1-meter diving, Michael George in first place with 179.41 points; Breeden, second, 141.97; and James Lazar, third, 123.08.
“We lost a lot of seniors last year,” Miller said. “We are a smaller team this year and a young team so growing, developing and seeing what we can get out of them is always exciting.”
The Wolves competed in the Huron Valley Invitational at Milford on Saturday. They finished in third place with a score of 11.
“We are excited to see North Farmington,” said Miller before the meet. “We have them later in the season so it’s an opportunity to see what they’ve got.”
Huron Valley United finished in first with a score of 23; Hartland, second, 13; and North Farmington, fourth, score of six.
Clarkston heads to Avondale this Thursday.
“At this point of the season, we are looking for is the technique improving, are they listening to what is happening in practice and carrying that over and they are,” Miller said. “They are a great team. One of their greatest attributes is the sense of family and community within them. Meets they get to rally around each other and lift each other up so they are always fun.”
They host Troy Athens on Thursday, Jan. 20 during Senior Night. They head to North Farmington, Tuesday, Jan. 25. All meets start at 6 p.m.

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