Clarkston principal proud of Class of ‘22

Clarkston principal proud of Class of ‘22

By Matt Mackinder
Clarkston News Editor

Clarkston High School Principal Gary Kaul was in his typical comedic form last Wednesday night during the school’s annual Commencement ceremony at Pine Knob Music Theatre.
As he welcomed the students and guests, he started to say “DTE…” and then blurted out, “Pine Knob,” and the crowd erupted.
He also said since Robert Plant’s concert at the venue bumped Commencement to from it’s previously scheduled night to May 25, everyone there would be getting a free ticket to the concert.
Kidding, he said that he is not on social media and maybe people in the audience could post that to see if the free tickets could happen.
In all seriousness, Kaul congratulated the Class of 2022 and wished them well as the students move forward in life, also commenting on how the last three school years have been “emotionally challenging.”
“Through that struggle has come a strength which will serve you well,” Kaul said. “You might not realize it now, but I guarantee you as you go through life, you will realize this.
“You’ve learned the hard way that you may have little control over many things that have a direct effect on your life, but you’ve also learned that you have total control over how you react to those things.”

PHOTO: CHS Principal Gary Kaul addresses the crowd at Pine Knob. Photo: Matt Mackinder

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