Clarkston residents team up, pen motivational book

Clarkston residents team up, pen motivational book

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For Clarkston residents Jessica Parsons and Keith Bean, a chance meeting online has turned into a professional partnership that has churned out a recent book on navigating life during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
They did not know one another prior to writing “Remotely Crazy: The Motivator’s Guide to Thriving in a Crazy, Hybrid, Pandemically-Oppressed, Tech-Laden World,” which came out recently.
“Navigating a remotely crazy lifestyle is the overall theme of the book,” said Parsons, a 2015 Clarkston High School graduate. “Please note none of the advice we give should be misinterpreted as a trade for medical advice, especially regarding stress and decompression. Our objective through this book is simply to motivate, awaken, and remind people that they need to take lead of their lives before it’s too late.
“What does that mean? Don’t sit around and wait for that job, opportunity, or permission anymore. It’s time we all start doing and moving.”
Parsons and Bean wrote the book with Mike Roeder, who lives in Wisconsin, and are now part of the group, The Motivation Place.
“Jess was a miracle connection through LinkedIn,” Bean said. “I was looking for someone creative, with some web know-how, so I took a shot and posted an ad for a web content intern, along with the vision behind it. I ended up with an immensely talented co-founder. That ad traversed the planet and found its way in front of Jess back here in Clarkston. Miracle.”
Bean calls the book “a powerhouse of tips and resources to maintain your sanity and productivity while having to be productive from home.”
“We believe that there is just too much vitriol in the airwaves these days and if we could add a positive, productive take on things, we might be able to help someone,” Bean said. “If you’ll notice, none of our names are on the cover. This isn’t an ego book – it’s a genuine guide designed to give people options and insights as we all learn to blend and adapt to this ongoing chaos in our lives.”
Bean and his family, which includes two sons currently at CHS, have lived in Clarkston for 15 years, moving here from San Diego to be close to family after he retired from the military.
Parsons, who played the clarinet and was part of the CHS Color Guard, says writing this book has given her a new, positive outlook on life.
“It takes a certain personality to fathom the mindset and lifestyle of an entrepreneur,” said Parsons. “It takes patience and discipline. To find a person, let alone a team, of like-minded individuals with the same dreams and visions you have for a project is beyond rare. That is exactly what we have formed here at The Motivation Place.
“Being young and desperate for a job, I more importantly want to live out the ambition God continues to instill in me. Helping the world is more important than any dollar amount, especially during this time. Once one discovers that, any opinion someone has against it holds no relevance. Besides, there’s no better time than in your 20s to experiment with opportunities you create, something most people wait on their whole lives.”
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PHOTO: Local authors Jessica Parsons and Keith Bean proudly display their new book that details how to overcome COVID-19 obstacles. Photo by Alexa Parsons

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