Clarkston schools remaining focused on staff, student safety

Clarkston News Editor

As Clarkston Community Schools went into mid-winter break Feb. 15-16, Superintendent Dr. Shawn Ryan said he remains “cautiously optimistic” as the district is “holding strong” more than three weeks into in-person learning.
Ryan noted virus rates in the immediate area continue to trend in a positive direction, and staff and student quarantine levels are stable and manageable. As of Feb. 12, more than 35 percent of CCS staff secured an appointment to be vaccinated or are already in the vaccination cycle, and new appointments continue to open up for educators as part of the state’s prioritized vaccine rollout.
Ryan also said students who are enrolled in the district’s face-to-face learning model have settled into “predictable routines and are benefiting from real interactions with their teachers and peers.”
They are also participating in meaningful hands-on experiential lessons like small group collaborations, science labs, studio art workshops, Construction Tech building projects, Physical Education team sports, and more.
Clarkston Virtual students are thriving, according to Ryan, having formed strong connections with their teacher mentors.
“The reality of the world we are living in, even almost a full year into the pandemic, is that there are still new transitions and adaptations to get used to,” said Ryan. “Yes, we are largely back together now, but it is nothing like the last time we were together at school in March 2020. So much has changed for our students and staff, and whether in-person or fully remote, our new learning environment demands much of each individual person.
“Mid-winter break could not have come at a better time to give all of our students and staff a much-needed period of rest.”

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