Clarkston water needs preserving, reader says

Dear Editor,
Another highly visible “jewel” of Clarkston is water: Mill Ponds, Middle Lake, Parke Lake, and wells. They are sources of beauty, swimming, boating, fishing, and cooking/drinking, as they have been for many years.
Sadly, our water is under threat from leaching chemicals, land fills, and former gas station sites. The chemicals come from our surrounding land use and roadways; the land fills are the former “Powell Dump,” a toxic plume from it has been documented as approaching Parke Lake, and possibly the DPW dump at the western edge of Depot Park. The site has never been tested despite speculation about possible contamination which would affect Middle Lake.
The stations were at Church and Main, where the original owner was known to dump used oil down the local drain but no testing has ever been done, and at Clarkston Road and Main. A toxic plume from it has been verified on the west side of Main Street, approaching the Lower Mill Pond. Wells throughout the state are being tested for known contamination.
Buildings serviced by the Independence Township water system have been tested as safe.
Contaminated water affects health, recreation, and property values and must be avoided, eliminated, or at least reduced. Prompt attention to the issues identified is required in order to avoid adverse effects to the quality and character of our community.
I urge you to contact the City of the Village of Clarkston officials. Action must be taken soon if we hope to avoid disastrous consequences!
Tom Stone

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