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Peter Osberger, at left, and Andrew Osberger, with Cha Cha The Tree Frog from Rainforest Cafe.
Victoria “Tori” Knieper was the second Place Winner by Popular Vote, 8th/9th grade division. Photos by Brenda Dominick.

It was tough call at The 10th Annual Imagine That! Teen Art Show on Wednesday night, March 22, sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
A variety of vibrant, dramatic, and elaborate artwork filled the hallway of the Clarkston Independence District Library, created by teens from across the district.

Victoria “Tori” Knieper, a Clarkston Junior High student, won second place in the 8th/9th Division for her art piece Fly Without Wings.
“I thought it was a cool idea to make a metaphor with my piece,” Knieper said. “I actually write fiction a lot and that’s one of my characters,” referring to the character Angel.

Knieper has written poetry which has been published in Kids Standard magazine.

The goal of the show was to give students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to showcase their artwork, gain recognition, and empower them as valued members of our community. Each year, prizes are awarded to students for artwork submitted in various categories and every artist who participates in the show received a certificate of participation and a special treat. This year, there were 97 pieces to showcase this year and 16 prizes to award.

Alexa Lalejini, Youth and Teen Services librarian, was the director of the event. Prior to the event, three judges cast their votes: Corey Gott, owner of Corey Gott Design; Leanna Haun, Picasso’s Grapevine; and Mary Himburg, Library Board secretary and coordinator of the Thursday Painters.

Additionally, several attendees came to the art show to show their support and to cast their vote for their favorite art pieces. Prizes were awarded at the end of the night and each participant received an Imagine That! green tote bag.

Some of the beautiful student artwork displayed at The Clarkston Independence District Library on March 22.

Juried Competition Winners
Best Drawing- Kylie Jenner by Sam Moyet
Best Painting- Unity by Brandi Johnson
Best 3D- Radical Beauty by Faith Waight
Best Digital- Gray Atmosphere by Kaley Moyet

Winners by Popular Vote  (6/7th Grade)
1st Place- Mystical Morning by Rebekah Wilson
2nd Place- Bobcat Dreams by Anna Reineck

A Sister’s Love By Ashley Smith (10th/11th Grade Division)

3rd Place- Pure Beauty by Miracle Lopez (8th/9th Grade)
1st Place- Kylie Jenner by Sam Moyet
2nd Place- Fly Without Wings by Victoria Knieper
3rd Place- Where Music Can Take You by Melody Lebert

A great turnout from the Clarkston community attending the Imagine That! Teen Art Show.

(10th/11th Grade)
1st Place –Thad (My Host Brother) by Hanna Tran
2nd Place –Hand Gestures by Carter Schmidt
3rd Place –White Wedding by Bailey Schroeder

(12th Grade)
1st Place – Jon Bellion by Angela DeSantis
2nd Place – Flower Wheel by Ellie Arnold
3rd Place – Unity by Brandi Johnson

Guardian By Hailey Jones

Chris Schweda, Rainforest Café assistant general manager, and Amber Clayton, dining room manager, provided snacks and refreshments. Rainforest Café’s mascot Cha Cha The Tree Frog was also on hand, portrayed by intern Julia Scribner. Independence TV was also at the library to capture the event. A televised podcast will be available online soon.

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