Climate change chaos?

Dear Editor,
Waking today to another Michigan gloom, overcast and rain, I pondered, “Are the wildfires in western Canada man made climate change, or are there lots of folks blowing smoke about the weather?”
My answer would be, first, no. Nearly three million acres of fire and evacuation of thousand is an all natural event, like tornadoes, wasps and poison ivy.
Second, yes, lots of people, organizations and governments are working hard to convince you and your children the breath you exhale is destroying the earth. Your car, your electric lights, your warm water and heat in the winter, cold in the summer, your very existence is detrimental.
Glamorous dullards like Ted Danson (we only have 10 years left!), Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Cher are all sure the planet is doomed!
Personally, my desire for an eventful cataclysm, a glacier or two, even some fresh volcanoes erupting would certainly liven up the landscape. But the Henny Penny, Chicken Little, the sky is falling professional alarmists are getting pretty tedious.
Over the last 60 years or so, we have heard “we are going to freeze, we are going to burn up, and New York and Miami are going to be underwater!”
And that is just a sampling of the knee slappers we have been fed by media, celebrities and governments for decades.
We are told if we pay enough taxes they will “cure” the weather. Well, who is going to get the ideal climate? What is an ideal climate? Will they fix the weather like the fix the roads?
Yes, probably we can expect the same performance, costly and ineffective. But, after careful consideration, I’ll sit this circus parade out.
The clowns have the megaphones.
Rob Namowicz

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