Creations bountiful at Camp Invention

By Wendi Reardon Price
Clarkston News Staff Writer
William Cook and Damian Kearns are ready were ready for space exploration with their Spacepacks made at Camp Invention, July 11-15.
The duo, who attended the camp for the first time, shared their creation was a hit and other campers were inspired.

William Cook and Damian Kearns proudly show off their Spacepack and Astro Arm. Photo: Wendi Reardon Price

Cook, who is going into sixth grade, said he enjoyed the camp.
“They didn’t limit you,” he said. “They allowed you to do whatever you wanted. You could build whatever Spacepack or Marble Machine you wanted. It just had to be a Spacepack or Marble Machine. The rest of it was do it all on your own. I like that.”
Kearns, who is going into fifth grade, added he enjoyed the recycle room, which was full of different items to use for inventions.
Camp Invention, from the National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF), has different modules each year where children in grades Kindergarten through sixth learn and invent and use STEM. The modules this year were Robotic Aquatics, NIHF’s The Attic, Spacecation and Marble Arcade. For more information, please visit

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