Dancing on water

Clarkston graduate Angie Regiani has a resume and a passion that will never stop.
As a dancer, singer, and actress, her talent has reached around the nation and the globe, as well as the Clarkston area as a certified fitness instructor at Lifetime Fitness and Fitness USA.
On March 8, Regiani helped an aspiring professional wrestler on MTV’s ‘Made.?
On the reality show, people get an opportunity to fulfill their life’s dream, such as become a cheerleader or homecoming queen. Along the way, they are challenged and encouraged by coaches and trainers recruited by MTV.
‘I was asked to come in for an interview,? said Regiani.
The producer and director had heard about her through her work.
She was picked to be a personal trainer for Chris Hendricks, a freshman a Milford High School.
Hendricks’s goal was to change his classmates? opinions about him. He wanted to become a ‘rough, tough, and buff? professional wrestler and have wrestlers at his school see him as something other than a choir boy.
Regiani postponed her Christmas vacation to train him.
Hendricks learned wrestling techniques from professional wrestlers Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley from Motor City Machine Guns, but Regiani helped get his body in shape.
She worked with him for five weeks, putting him on fitness routine and diet.
Hendricks wanted to be made into a professional wrestler, but his dreams also included what Regiani was doing ? dancing, singing and acting.
‘It was exciting for him to train with someone who was fulfilling their dreams,? she said.
Regiani has been performing since she was a child. She began dancing when she was 2. However, mom Sherry Regiani of Independence Township said Angie has been dancing since she was a baby, when she would move to the music.
‘She did more of dancing than anything else,? said Sherry. ‘She loves dancing and performing for a live audience. That’s her passion.?
‘It’s an incredible feeling,? Angie said about dancing.
‘It’s always a great feeling and incredible high. I love it. It’s something that lives inside me that I truly love.?
After graduating from Clarkston High School in 2004, Angie continued her education at Point Park University. She pushed herself and graduated in three years with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Musical Theatre with a minor in dance.
Regiani has danced in London. Also, she performed at the Academy Awards, Detroit Institute of the Arts, Black Eyed Peas concert, Nelly Furtado on ‘The View,? Summer Stock at The University of Findlay in Ohio, and in the musical ‘Sweet Charity.?
At the end of March, she is set to begin her training to perform on Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship Jewel of the Seas.
She will be a dancer, back-up vocalist, and flying soloist in a show similar to Cirque du Soleil. The show only has two flying soloists, male and female.
‘In one number, she is walking up walls, like in ‘The Matrix,?? said Sherry.
She auditioned for the position at Point Park. She was one of the few chosen out of 400 people who auditioned.
The company wanted her to start immediately after graduation. She passed because she wouldn’t have enough time to pack up her apartment.
They offered her the job again and she was able to take it. She will be performing on the cruise ship until next fall, and will come back to Michigan in November. Her future plans are to stay in the entertainment industry and continue to make a living out of it.
She has a lot of goals she would like to fulfill, but at the end of the day there is only one.
‘When it comes down to it, my goal is realistic and simple,? said Angie. ‘I want to be happy and be able to perform.?