Defense holds teams to tie


Soccer v Orion1818
Jaclyn Marra leads the ball into position for the Lady Wolves. Photo by Wendi Reardon


Clarkston News Sports Writer
Freshman Jaclyn Marra struck against Lake Orion’s net last Thursday and scored after closing in on it.
The Lady Wolves tied the game with 17:45 remaining in their home game with cheers from the bleachers, 1-1.
They went for the Dragons’ net again, but they were denied and the game closed with a tie for both sides.
“We did good,” said Clarkston Girls Varsity Soccer Head Coach Mike Nelson. “It was the first time we played 80 minutes in terms of working hard the whole time – that was huge for us.”
Lake Orion made attempts in the first half but junior Kristen Page slowed them down in the Wolves’ net with help from defense.
“They did very well,” Nelson said. “There were a couple chances where there were deflections that got behind us but the marking and the communication was well.”
He added the girls had a great second half.
“We started moving the ball around and started getting comfortable, communicating and really started getting some good solid chances,” he said. “We had about three in the second half. We really stepped up and with five games into the season is a really good sign.”
Orion’s Grace Cady scored halfway through the second half.
Nelson added it was a good game especially after losing to Avondale on April 12, 3-1.
“This game we were down and then we came back,” he said. “It is a huge sign and morale booster for our girls. It’s something great to build on at the beginning of the season.”
The Lady Wolves opened the week on Tuesday against Rochester. They host Berkley on Thursday and head to Farmington next Tuesday. JV begins at 5:30 p.m., varsity follows.