Letter to the Editor: Discussing Andy Meisner’s huge snafu

Dear Editor,

Reading the retort of Andy Meisner’s comments about L.Brooks Patterson by Mary Patterson Warner, I must question Mr. Meisner’s logic and humanity…
Anyone with any sense that heard or read Meisner’s comments about Brooks and still plans to vote for Meisner might want to reconsider.
Let’s start out with the fact that Brooks has passed away. Does Meisner want to take another cheap shot at any other deceased human or politician?
I have known Brooks both personally and professionally for over 40 years.
If my math is correct, Meisner was either not born or in diapers when I first met Brooks.
Meisner is brilliant.
He remembers Joe Biden’s derogatory phases such as racist, misogynist and xenophobic.
Meisner, you are way off base.
Did Brooks bring Oakland County to where it is now having a AAA rating being any of what you called him? He brought in new technology companies to Automation Alley.
I NEVER heard Brooks utter anything that would put him in the categories you put him in.
It appears Meisner will do or say anything to become Oakland County Executive.
I totally second Mary Patterson Warner’s suggestion to Meisner – be a better person!

Fred Rudd

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