Double header a smash hit

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Clarkston Varsity Softball’s strong hitting continued as they mercied Oxford in two games last Thursday at home.
“We can hit,” said Don Peters, head coach. “They ripped the cover off the ball. What I am proud of is the depth – just put someone in and they hit, put someone else in and they hit. Oxford got a little spunky – which is good. It challenges us and makes us do some things.”
The Wolves won the first game in five innings, 13-3. They opened the scoring in the bottom of the first inning as Anna Skvarce, Hannah Cady and Sierra Kersten each brought in one run on their doubles to put the score, 3-0.
The Wildcats scored one run in the top of the second inning but Cady widened the gap hitting the ball over the fence for a two-run homerun.

Abbey Tolmie smiles to her teammates as she rounds third base after hitting a 3-run homer over the fence at the top of the fifth inning against Oxford. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

The Wolves closed the inning with four more runs with three of them off Olivia Warrington’s home run over the fence to make the score 9-1.
Before the game closed, Kersten had one more RBI, Warrington had two RBIs off another hit over the fence and Angelena Perry had one run off her double to close the game, 13-3.
The Wolves won the second game in five innings, 19-6. They opened the scoring in the top of the first inning with a 3-run homerun by Kersten and one run off a triple from Sam Wycoff, 4-0.
Oxford closed th gap by scoring three runs before the inning ended with two strikeouts.
Cady scored one run in the second inning for Clarkston off a double to make it 5-3.
The Wolves scored seven runs in the third inning as Abbey Tolmie and Cady each had two RBIs off their doubles. Kersten, Warrington and Nyah Ansel each had one RBI to make the score 12-3.
During the fourth inning, Tolmie had three RBIs off a triple, Hannah Workman had one RBI off her double and Cady had one run, 16-5.
Tolmie gave the Wolves three more runs at the top of the fifth inning when her hit went over the fence for another homerun.
Oxford scored one more run to close the game, 19-6.
“We are very good defensively. We didn’t play very good today – the focus wasn’t there,” Peters said. “We will do fine. We have exceptional defense when the weather is fine. Some players are just getting back. It will take some time for them to gel but when they do we are still limited with as much as we have been outside but we are athletic. The plays they can make and some of those hits.”
He added what he likes about this team is they can hit and they are fast.
“We can play the short game and we can play the hard game. If one thing isn’t working we can do something else,” Peters said.
Also, they hit the books as hard as the balls as their team grade point average is at 3.74.
“They are good students,” Peters said.
Clarkston opened the week with a double header against Stoney Creek. They host a double header against Lake Orion on Wednesday and a double header against Rochester Adams on Thursday, weather and field conditions permitting.

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