EDITORIAL: Make Reynolds your sole vote for City Council

When Clarkston voters head to the polls on Tuesday, they’ll be told to vote for no more than three out of four candidates for City Council. We recommend voting for no more than one – Scott Reynolds.
Reynolds is running for his first term on the council on a platform of independent thinking and transparency, something needed after a quarter century of gentlemen’s agreements and this-is-the-way-it’s-always-been-done mentality.
Incumbents Jason Kneisc, Eric Haven, and David Marsh deserve praise for stepping up and serving their community, but their stated positions and votes on the recent FOIA case and proposed closed session make it clear they are for continuing that culture of government.
Now is the time to change it.
It shouldn’t need to be said, but following its own rules of government is needed to ensure equal treatment of all, regardless of who people know or are related to.
Mayor Steven Percival has made it his mission to make sure the city follows its Charter and ordinances, and another voice in support is sorely needed.
Every vote counts, especially in a small town. Last year’s City Council election resulted in a tie, 259 votes for incumbents Sharron Catallo and Michael Sabol. Mrs. Catallo won a coin toss to retain her seat.
A close election this year could mean a vote for any of the incumbents is a vote against challenger Reynolds.
A challenge against the status quo is what the city needs. Vote for Scott Reynolds.