Everest fathers find quality time with daughters after dance nixed

This year’s daddy-daughter dance at Everest Academy may have been canceled, but Everest dads are still making memories with their daughters.
Elementary formation coordinator Rose Wieber shared a special invitation with Everest dads to create lasting memories with their daughters during this time at home. She emphasized that the purpose of the dance is not only a fun night with dad.
“The objective of the dance is to help you spend time with your daughter, so she knows and experiences that in your eyes she is precious, loved, and delighted in,” Wieber said. “There are many ways you can achieve this objective, and I would like to challenge each of you to find a way to make sure each of your children know they are delighted in.”
Wieber challenged elementary dads to spend time with their daughters in a meaningful way during the stay-at-home order. Everest dads and daughters shared some special memories over the past few weeks.
Here are a few of their photos:

Adam and Bella Bowden


Jason and Taylor Campbell


Nik and Lola Gjonaj


Tom and Katherine Shea


Mike, Ava, and Lucia Pruchnicki

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