Extra precautions in place for in-person voting in Springfield

The Springfield Township Clerk Office has been busy making sure residents can safely vote in person or absentee.
Clerk Laura Moreau said all seven precincts in the township will be open on Election Day for those who prefer to vote in person.
“We want to assure our voters that we are taking many health precautions including providing plexiglass shields at each station and arranging the precinct to provide the greatest possible physical distancing,” Moreau said. “While it’s not required that voters wear a mask, I know that our Election Inspectors will greatly appreciate all voters wearing a face covering in the precinct.”
Another option to vote is by absentee ballots and request have been higher this year than in any past General Election.
Moreau added, for the November 2016 Presidential Election, the initial mailing of AV ballots totaled 1,040.
“This year for our initial mailing, we delivered 3,960 ballots to the Davisburg Post Office on Sept. 24,” she said. “Since then we’ve issued more than 400 additional ballots, and in just two weeks since the initial mailing hit the post office, about 1,400 ballots already have been returned.”
Residents still have time and may apply for an Absent Voter ballot in person at the Clerk’s Office or submit an application by email or mail to the Clerk.
An Absent Voter Ballot Application is available for download on the Springfield Township website and the ballots can be returned by mail.
“However voters are encouraged to either deliver their completed ballot to the Clerk’s Office or utilize the drop box,” Moreau said, adding Springfield Township has a drop box built into the wall just outside the entrance doors to the Township Offices in the lower level of the Civic Center. “The drop box deposits into a locked closet, so it is a secure option for returning ballots that can be used any time.”
Moreau added the Springfield Township Election/Voting websites provide a wealth of information for voters.
To access the page, visit springfield-twp.us, go to the Clerk department page and select Elections/Voting.
“Those without internet access can stop in the Clerk’s Office or give us a call at 248-846-6510,” Moreau said.
The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
~Wendi Reardon Price

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