Extraordinary at Everest

Everest Collegiate High School and Academy students memorized and presented poems or speeches for their classmates last month. The finalists for each grade presented to grade-level divisions on October 29.
The middle school finalists competed in their finals.
The middle school winners included Jack Villella and Sarah Bradley (first place), Madelyn Krappmann (second place), and Mercedes Arinez and Wyatt Phyle (third place).
All finalists: Anna Dean, Leo Dziekonski, Charles Munoz, Rudy Torres Naranjo, and Zachary Wolschleger (first grade), Landon Gantos, Ava Pruchnicki, Haylee Zirwes, and Theodore Sierminski (second grade), Gianna Wolschleger, Vinay Iyer, Allisandra King, Emma Gulda, and Luke McLintick (third grade), Alejandro Gonzalvo, Allison Ivory, Olivia Rydesky, and Brooke Pontillo (fourth grade), Sofia Arinez, Jonah Reichert, Aurora Gonzalvo, Nora Nedwick, and Mary McGrath (fifth grade), Mauricio Ramirez, Timothy Thibodeau, and Susan Nedwick (sixth grade/1), Brandon Thomas, Giselle Wolschleger, and Matthew Ivory (sixth grade/2), Cameron Tong, Zoe Abraham, and Jacob Marshall (seventh grade), Arinez, Krappmann, Bradley (eighth grade/1), and Natalie Cross, Phyle, and Villella (eighth grade/2).

The Everest first grade and second grade finalists.
The Everest third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade finalists.
The Everest middle school finalists. Photos provided

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