Families make plans sans schools

On The Clarkston News’ Facebook page, we asked Clarkston families what their plans are with no school for kids until April 6:
“Deep spring cleaning.” – Katherine Butler Shrout
“Cleaning, working outside when the weather permits, reading and practicing math online and on paper, practicing writing. I’m making a schedule so that the kids and I will keep a routine. We will have fun things like craft making and movies and all that as well.” – SamiAnna Stock
“We are going to start journals.” – Holly Hosta
“Watching home movies, then transferring them to DVD.” – Debbie Shepherd Detkowski
“Cleaning, organizing, playing board games we haven’t seen in a while, looking at old photo books, and taking some much-needed time to just chill and relax together now that our schedules have been cleared.” – Mary Herzenstiel
“Painting my kitchen.” – Katie Hess
“I’m fortunate that I’m a stay-at-home mom and I’m excited for this chance to reset with my kids who are 8 and 5. With school, sports/activities, and a busy social life, we’ve all been stressed, rushed, and too busy. We’re going to get extra sleep. Do science experiments and crafts. Lots of board games. And probably lots of TV and tablet to keep my sanity.” – Kathleen Koval
“Still working full time, using child care until it’s shut down, then depending on family members thankfully to step in and help out. Even though I have 146 hours of paid vacation, where I work (a pharmacy) won’t show any leniency.” – Lisa Michele
“Wine. Lots of wine.” – Erica Rock
“Kids home. The yard will be cleaned up in no time.” – Lorie Rachel
“Fighting with them to focus and complete ‘virtual learning’ at home.” – Sara DeKoninck

— Matt Mackinder

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